Today, we have implemented some changes to the Encyclopedia in order to improve it and here is the list of them!



  • It is now possible to publish comments on the pages of the Encyclopedia items.
  • In case of TOU breaking comments, you can use a button to report them: its operation is identical to the one used on the forums.
  • Optimization of the pages loading time.
  • It will be possible to switch pages 3 by 3.
  • It will be possible to display more than 20 items per page.
  • We have added subcategories in the main navigation menu


  • The spell level you selected will be saved until your next visit to the class page. 


  • Items are now displayed in ascending level and alphabetically.
  • Effects have been added to the lists of items.
  • In the "Acquisition" category, tokens will no longer be part of the means to obtain the item, except for Ultimate Bosses.
  • The range and area of ​​effect of the items will be more visible.
  • Unlocked equipment sets of level 120 and above.


  • We removed the display level increments for harvesting professions and for the Kama Minter profession.

Search Tool

  • Using search will no longer reload the page. This tool will now work as a form that you can select the criteria and filters by pressing the “Filter” button: this will allows you to save time on repeated searches.
  • We decided to hide some “advanced” filters to give more clarity.
  • Search per "Level":
    • We have removed the "Slidebar" and replaced it with an input field.
    • You can also choose the levels that interest you the most.
  • Bonus:
    • We have separated the damage bonuses per elemental branches.
    • We have separated the bonuses in the following groups: offensive, support, defensive, extra.
  • We added the rarity color codes.