The “CONTEST: Create the WAKFU MMO Fan Costume!“ entries were submitted to the WAKFU team, who has selected three finalists... Now it's your turn to vote for your favorite costume, and determine which will be the grand prize winner!


First of all: congratulations and thank you to all participants of the "Create the WAKFU MMO Fan Costume" contest. We were very happy to receive all your entries! Your imagination and creativity have brought honor to the theme of this contest and the whole WAKFU community.
There were so many great ideas concepts, as well as impressive drawing talents which made it very hard to choose, but we could only keep three! And here are the three finalists chosen by the WAKFU team: it is now up to you to vote for your favorite costume...

Our Three Finalists






The poll is available here and will remain active until Wednesday, March 12th at (10:59 PM GMT / 5:59 PM EST / 2:59 PM PST). The contest winner will be announced on March 13th.

The winner will have the chance to see his concept adapted for the game, and distributed at our conventions!

We will leave the choice to all candidates to share their participations, knowing that they truly have all impressed us.
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moideco 11 March 2014 09:10
Wow, I wasn't expecting to be chosen!
As a fan, I felt like supporting Wakfu MMO in my own way, so I came up with a cheerleading costume.
The other two are fantastic, so I'm not sure how it will go, but thank you to everyone who voted!
Erylane2596 - Member - 11 March 2014 09:25
Jurambalco,it's really awesome design.This is costume that Im proposed to buy.Will it be add in our server?
tashlol 11 March 2014 09:28
It seems a few of you might be mixed up a bit, but the winning costume will be given out at conventions and meet ups, not sold through the shop.

I think all the costumes are beautiful! I'm a bit sad that it was only narrowed down to three when I know theres so much talent in our community. I'm more excited to see what other people drew. Its been a while since the art community was encouraged and united smile 
Soundtrack8 11 March 2014 09:35
bloop bloop imo,,, or something

I voted for Seguchis, the hairstyle is really nice with the tiara,, the whole thing just looks really nice, especially on the feca base. It's all very clean and elegant and guuu,,, Im a sucker for his art anyway

The back design of Moideco's is really coooolll, a bow type cape is something I'd really like to see (along with other 'quirky' capes, things like long hair etc) and it all looks really nice with the overcoat

I think Erylanes is really well done, and would look quite nice as a costume,, but in terms of 'the brief' I'm not sure if it's the strongest representation of a wakfu inspired costume :s

Shame they wont be widespread though D:
I think contests like these are really nice and fun tho,,

Flaming-June 11 March 2014 09:48
Jurambalco|2014-03-11 08:45:29
Erylane2596|2014-03-11 04:28:56
AwkiePillow|2014-03-10 22:39:10For me the first two are the only two that feel like a real 'fan costume' ones that fit the idea we were given. The 3rd design is nice but isnt it very similar to Spring has Sprung and the True Love costume? I mean its a nice dress but it doesnt really scream wakfu fan to me. My personal favourite is number 1 because its simple, uni sex and a very beautiful design and to me shows that im a fan of wakfu smile
Read first page with my comment.Why wakfu-ish costume need to be always blue with "W"?
And no,costume didn't based of True love(and i didn't buy it heheh).
Because, uh, it has to quickly remind the wakfu pinnacle?
Going for the logo design is simple and effective.

Your entry, aside from being quite beautiful, hardly remaind me of anything seen in wakfu (mmorpg nor the cartoon). Instead it remaind me more of valkyria chronicles.

Now, i've voted for seguchi, because he needs hugs, but i really hope for this to win on the french side and being imposed over the other server too.

I actually prefer our top three to this particular costume. u w u It doesn't look bad by any means, but I just don't think it would hold up well in-game, especially considering it would likely conceal hair styles too much.
Nosok 11 March 2014 10:23
2nd and 3nd really nice
i wanna see it in game
TinyLaNorthio 11 March 2014 12:04
first one for me,because I love tiara xD
Nox16 - Member - 11 March 2014 12:30
Yeah i really hope they will let us buy the french version of whoever wins... unless they are going to then make the french/ english winners fight and one come out... point is i would like that the french version as an option ohmy 
neroatsushi - Member - 11 March 2014 21:38
3rd is badass awesome
Dusanyu 11 March 2014 21:52
Nox16|2014-03-11 12:30:03Yeah i really hope they will let us buy the french version of whoever wins... unless they are going to then make the french/ english winners fight and one come out... point is i would like that the french version as an option ohmy
I, personally, find all three International concepts better than all three French ones (i.e. in my opinion any international is better than any French)biggrin
P.S. Voted for the 1-st one. 3-rd is really good but female version is too similar with anime design mentioned at the 1st page (Tomoe Mami from "Puella Magi Madoka Magika") that makes it to be more "anime fan costume" rather than "Wakfu MMO fan costume"... again, it's nothing more than my opinion.