More user-friendly and ergonomic, discover today the new support website! Quick “Contact Us” button, FAQ revamp, possibility of sharing, these are the many improvements to a service that has not finished to improve itself!


The new support website is born from the desire to provide you a better service for a better and quicker identification and resolution of problems. A clearer search function in addition to a revamp of the information allow us to have a better prioritization of the website content in order to quickly take you to the answer of your question. And if you still cannot find your happiness, it is now easier to send an inquiry to our team!
One of the major innovations is the creation of your own personal support account. For all inquiries, regardless of the Ankama account concerned, you will able be able to use a single support account based on the email address of your choice.
Please note the following: If you had tickets on the old support website, you will receive a welcome email to access the new website.
Gone are the days where connections to the wrong Ankama account and access problems were hindering the resolution of your issue. It is time for more clarity and an easier way to contact us!