In 2013, you enjoyed new adventures throughout the world of WAKFU! Creepy, endearing, and even gelatinous creatures; a big, bad Moowolf; Captain Calamari; the Wa Wabbit; and even Count Harebourg. But what will WAKFU have in store for you in the upcoming months?


Last year, your favourite MMORPG benefitted from all manner of new features and improvements: first with the Respec and Smithmagic, not to mention the Masqueraider class and Haven Worlds; all these different additions culminated in December with the simultaneous addition of the Sidekick system and the Multimen.

And 2014…? 

Well, get ready to be surprised, because our team has once again raised the bar!

Even more freedom, even more control over the World of Twelve! We won't tell you everything right now (a little suspense never hurt anyone), but below you'll find a few revelations and a few pieces of the puzzle...