It's the winter, and you probably want to stay warm under a blanket in your cozy little nest! How about putting on the warm and comfy Boohemoth Costume or slip into the double thickness of a Haven Bag inspired by the Count Harebourg himself? Starting February 21th to the 23rd, get these two items as a gift for the purchase of 6000 OG or more!


It’s been almost a year since the Count Harebourg has been giving you a hard time on Chillberg Island. If you count on landing on the ice, you may realise that your swimsuit will not do you any good... finally thinking about diving into the icy water, might be an idea that is only good on paper!
In these frigid times, you can only think to cover yourself properly to resist the cold arctic weather and survive to finally get to the master himself: The Count, in flesh and ice.

To help you in your journey, the Boohemoth Costume and the Harebourg Haven Bag Kit are offered as a gift for any purchase of 6000 Ogrines or more!

No need to wait for the weather to warm up and the ice to melt, go to the Boutique and get to enjoy these gifts today!