The support service website is being revamped and the new version will be online in a few days. This support service space has been completely redesigned based on your feedback: more beautiful, easier to use, more efficient, it will answer all your questions regarding DOFUS, WAKFU, Krosmaster and more.


It had been several years that you have been used to the current interface the support website. But it has aged and was not necessarily a good fit to your expectations anymore, which you have shown to us during the survey we conducted last year and the feedback that we have received regarding our support service. Therefore, we have been working on incorporating your comments and give you an improved support service website: clearer, more accessible, and more dynamic.

Navigation and ergonomics have been completely revised to help you find the answers to questions more quickly. In addition to having an improved "Search” function, we also favored the most requested features: the long-awaited "Quick Contact" button; a rearranged, rewritten and open to your evaluation FAQ, as well as "social sharing" buttons!
You will only need a little bit more patience during the time that it takes to complete this project.

See you in a few days to discover the new support service website!
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Celay01 20 February 2014 17:47
This is a huge step, awesome! happy 
cbunny - Member (+) - 20 February 2014 18:03
Sounds wonderful, thank you!
Seofarius 20 February 2014 18:43
So, now that there'll be a new site, when will there be an actual support?
SirRaiden 20 February 2014 19:02
TommyTrouble - Member - 20 February 2014 21:54
ZeraKoN - Member - 20 February 2014 22:06
Very nice!!
Jebusiscomingrun 20 February 2014 23:53
-Animus 21 February 2014 00:46
Now just need people to aswer our tickets, im waiting for 1 month one simple reply, i already placed everything and scanned the document, for god sake what is more important than help a costumer to manage his account!
MiniMikeh - Member - 21 February 2014 00:59
Dat owl though i'm gonna need a name ASAP as he is clearly different from bonta and sufokia doesnt have that plumage
emoney 21 February 2014 01:11
Whats the point of having a revamp on support site? So we have a better UI for submitting, while in the mean time no one will respond. Its good to see I'm not the only with with over 1 month outgoing ticket not resolved. Worst support of any mmo I've played.(not raging, I'm stating my opinion based on my exp with them)