That's it, it's official, thanks to Kickstarter an all new episode will be created! But do you sincerely believe that we will stop there? You would be wrong to underestimate us... even in the last 24 hours of campaign!


Some said it couldn't be done, but with less than 24 hours left to go, the Waku Animated Series Kickstarter campaign supporters have done the remarkable feat of raising over $400,000, which means that this Kickstarter has left the realm of simply dubbing existing materials... Now, thanks to your dedication and all the supporters from all over the world, this campaign will be producing at least one brand-new episode of Wakfu!
And while a new episode is good. Two is even better! And that is exactly what we offer via the three new stretch goals freshly added to the campaign. Here are the details:

Stretch Goal #7

To our surprise, a secondary character has received particular attention on Kickstarter. Allow us to introduce you to this very special plastic Smug Duck present in Season 2. Unsure of it? Here are a couple of pictures to help you:

A digital comic about the secret life of this enigmatic duck will be created: where it comes from, what he did and how he got to Evangelyne. You will know everything!

Stretch Goal #8

Stretch goal number 8 will give us the budget to produce a mini-feature for the making-of the new special Wakfu episode. We will follow our production team through the entire process, from conception to completion, showing you how Ankama produces the fine animation that you've so generously supported!

Stretch Goal #9

And finally... because we believe that miracles can happen (after all, we've seen so many of them happen in this very campaign), we are including one final goal, stretch goal number 9 - a second special Wakfu episode! Could yet another dream become a reality? We'll find out in less than 24 hours...

Bonus Smug Duck Contest

And if even this isn't enough Smug Duck for you, we are holding a little contest.

If you want the Smug Duck to get a cameo in the new special episode, let us know by using the hashtag #WakfuSmugDuck on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or, alternatively, just whisper it to yourself as you snuggle into bed at night and we will hear it through the mystic flow of Wakfu that connects us all.

Here is a bonus image that you may share as you wish:
You will find there, the entire WAKFU animated series in English on Blu-Ray, and for the incredibly reasonable price of just $40 CAD / $37 USD / €27 EUR, as well as artbooks, exclusive posters, special figurines and other amazing rewards waiting to be snapped up, but it won't last much longer! Only less than 24 hours to go!