You may have already heard about the Wakfu Animated Series Kickstarter campaign from our earlier article on the subject. Since our last update, there's been some big changes... read on to find out more...


As a matter of fact, the Wakfu Animated Series Kickstarter project has (thanks to great support of our Backers and Fans from all over the world) unlocked all of its main stretch goals! This means that Season 1, Season 2, Mini-Wakfu and a whole heap of special episodes are all going to be dubbed into English!

Now, if all goes as planned, we will be forming partnerships with broadcasters to bring this series to many different English-speaking countries around the world. And if the project can reach $400,000 CAD, yet another special episode will be created and dubbed into English!

So how does this news affect you?

This is the final weekend of the Kickstarter. Which means that this is your last chance to get the entire WAKFU animated series in English on Blu-Ray, and for the incredibly reasonable price of just $40 CAD / $37 USD / €27 EUR. And did we mention that this price includes shipping to anywhere in the world? And an exclusive t-shirt? And a PDF of two Wakfu artbooks?

This deal will go away forever on February 19We will not be offering these Blu-Rays for sale after the project comes to an end, so your time is limited!

Head over to the Kickstarter project page to find out more and look at the other great pledges. There's even more artbooks, exclusive posters, special figurines and other amazing rewards waiting to be snapped up, but it won't last much longer!