Do you have a demonic side, but nobody believes you? Now you can show it with the new Shushu items! Five "Shushu" themed items are available now in the WAKFU Boutique, which are also a great way to share your love for the Shustufft Crust dimension with everyone...

Have you visited Shu’Far’s home yet? Seen with your own eyes the dark backdrop of the Shustufft Crust dimension? If so, two options are available to you: 1. You can go take refuge on your mom’s laps, or: 2. You can love this crazy evil place!
For all those of you who are in the second category, go to the Boutique to discover the five new “Shushu” themed WAKFU items, which are waiting for you!


Soon your Haven Bag will know all about the Shustufft Crust dimension inspired reddish colors, with these big eyes watching you, and there will no longer be any doubt in mind that you would have proven yourself to be a true disciple of Rushu!