From February 13th to the 16th, enjoy a 50% discount on selected items with your other half! And if you feel really ready, maybe you may try the new Bride and Groom costume? But if you're not there yet, the new decorative items may seduce you instead... 


On this special occasion of Saint Ballotwine, enjoy a 50% discount on a selection of Boutique items to increase your chances of finding your other half! OK, it might not be victory yet... but if you play it with finess, you may stop kissing Gobballs to compensate for your lack of affection, and finally wear the new Bride and Groom costume
But if on the other hand, celibacy fits like a glove, the new decorative items may be more attractive... 
From February 13th to the 16th: -50% on a selection of love dedicated items, new handsome costume that will fit Bride and Groom according to your gender, and 4 new decorative items for your Haven Bag:

If after this you do not see life in pink... We are not sure of what it would take!




This special arrival can be a good opportunity to make gifts. 

You can now have unlimited generosity with your friends, thanks to the "Give to a friend" option available at the time of confirmation of your order in your cart.

Saint Ballotwine is a good occasion to give gifts to your friends.

You will be able to look for the nickname of who you would like to send a gift to.

Warning: You must be logged in to use this feature, and it will be the entire cart content that you will be gifting, so make sure to only have the items you would like to gift as part of your order!