As the Kickstarter campaign continues to receive great support from our fans from all over the world, how can we describe the excitement at Ankama right now? And what new exciting goal or challenge may lie ahead for us...


We can tell you all about employees frozen in front of their screens while looking at the Kickstarter page during their break, or those who are talking about your comments in the hallways, or even those who still can’t believe the excitement generated overseas by the series! But we will talk more about Tot, who every day, has done all the things we just mentioned...

Tot is the passionate kind. While devoted to his community, he also knows how to be frank with them. And we must recognize a quality in him, which is that he knows how to "rise to the challenge," when he gets the chance to do it. He has seen all your comments and responses and like the rest of us, at first he found it hard to realize that this is really happening... But as the wonder and amazement of your support sunk in, he proclaimed that it is our turn to show you how much we believe in our series and our heroes.

So how about giving Tot the opportunity to make another lasting impression, to create something new that will be part of WAKFU’s history?

OK, so let’s go further! And what if we offered you a new stretch goal, this one more ambitious than the previous ones? As you know, our dream is to keep our creative freedom and let our characters evolve beyond the rules of people with their eyes on the bottom line. We also think that Kickstarter is a very powerful tool that can help us achieve this goal.

So here it comes! Drum rolls…

We are offering you the chance to participate with us in creating an exclusive episode of Wakfu, without being tied to any broadcast television constraints.

You may wonder what the background story will be. We have several ideas in mind, including a prologue to WAKFU Season 3…!  And for this new stretch goal, we are raising the stakes up to $450,000 CAD. Will you be part of this challenge?
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nishantjung 08 February 2014 17:27
Fadedscourge 08 February 2014 18:19
Sentrayak 08 February 2014 19:05
*wishes she had more money*
Dokaro 08 February 2014 19:59
Damn it.
These are exactly the kind of things that make me mourn my lack of money xP
AndersonMenezes - Member - 08 February 2014 20:54
Why not a Metagame episode, like a vacation break, while our heroes stay and play a game, with the ourselves been a character, like a Table RPG, this can be fun, and a good marketing to the wakfu game. Can make them moving pieces in a board, and cutscenes showing places and character/enemies/bosses, like when they go to forfut and fight againts vampyro, and so on.

Can put another things, like 'what i would be?', and each one of character can focus on a piece of game, while tristepan will focus on fight and be stronger, others can focus on crafts, been richy with market, collect all sort of things, discover new places, make challenges, or even try politics... We can know about the wold of twelven, remmenber old things, and discover new things, while we laugh and ppl who still don't know the game, can be dragged to our world ^^

And maybe, just maybe, our game can be fun, like a cartoon series... And not just gring grind grind ^^
TommyTrouble - Member - 09 February 2014 00:33
Would be nice if Ankama was this excited about improving the game of Wakfu.

Well, hopefully getting the animation out there in English will help get more people on here playing, and thus more complaints and demands for quality game design and industry best practices.

We can hope.
giovani78 09 February 2014 01:27
$269.890 in 10 days , this is crazy
Catoonist - Member (+) - 09 February 2014 02:10
giovani78|2014-02-09 01:27:41$269.890 in 10 days , this is crazy
Um, in 20 days... The campaign is running for 30 days in total.
Pakonitan 09 February 2014 02:11
I hope if they don't reach it in 10 days that maybe they'll offer this possibility again in the future... that goal is over double the amount that's current and things look like they're slowing down. I would like to offer money, but atm I'm pretty low on money... next year I'd probably have enough money saved to do over 4,000 so I really do hope they do this again.
Morgzillas 09 February 2014 08:10
I am so fricken excited. I really really want the Goultard Shirt, I can't find where to vote =___=

I made my pledge the first day lol I'm glad it's gotten so far!

I also read this wonderful forum thread (sarcasm), and I am still excited as fricken hell for the blu-rays. Years ago I commented to a friend that I would have bought them at a convention even if it was not subbed or dubbed, I just wanted to support the animated series. I really really really hope that Ankama is able to reach out to Cartoon Network or at least Netflix and Hulu.