As some of you may know for the past few months: 2014 marks the return of the Tofu Brotherhood! We are preparing 3 new special episodes of 45 minutes each, and here is a special preview just for you...


This new adventure will take place a few years after the end of season 2 and rest assured, that your heroes will have lost nothing of their courage (or their personality...).

We now let you preview this very special trailer!

You may have noticed that the style in these episodes is slightly different from the usual episode style. This is an evolution from our normal animation technique, and one that we would like to pursue further as we look towards the future with the hope of producing more series and, if possible, more episodes of WAKFU.

So what do you say? Do you have now an idea of ​​what awaits you? Share your thoughts about what you may think the adventures of Yugo, Amalia, Percedal, Evangelyne and Ruel will be next!
Also the Kickstarter campaign for WAKFU: The Animated Series is still underway on the Kickstarter site for the English dubbing of the series. We are so pleased to be able to meet our fans around the world and we are so thankful for their support as well as yours! New stretch goals and rewards have been created exclusively for the campaign such as Blu-Ray packages of the series or exclusive illustrations, join the adventure: Here!