A few days ago we talked about our project to help us complete the dubbing of the WAKFU Animated Series in English, thanks to Kickstarter. Everything went very quickly, and a lot faster than we anticipated! We can now confirm that the 2 WAKFU seasons in English are coming soon! And maybe even more surprises...



Thanks to you and fans all over the world, the WAKFU Animated Series will soon be dubbed in English and accessible to all our American friends. But that's not all... because we have now reached the 3rd Stretch goal of $200.000 CAD !
  • The special episodes of Nox and Ogrest will also be dubbed.
  • All your heroes will also be subtitled in French, English and Spanish!
  • The WAKFU mangas will be available on Comixology!
  • The Blu-Ray available in this Kickstarter campaign will also contain French audio.
To celebrate such great news, we would like to also share with you a fanart, which was done by our supporter "Fen", who we are very thankful to, and here it is:

 Next stretch goal: The dubbing of the Mini WAKFU episodes! 

To get all the information and participate, please visit the WAKFU Animated Series Kickstarter page.
deandip - Member - 05 February 2014 20:10
Would really like to know if that Wakfu MMO item, Nox's Hat, has any stats or if it's a costume, but this is great and hope the stretch goal for the special OAVs is reached and possibly the yet to be revealed stretch goals too.
Chronah 05 February 2014 20:32
I'm really glad that WAKFU will reach the rest of the world, I can't wait! biggrin

no matter what anyone else says or thinks, you guys are amazing~ Thank you so much.

Ankama rocks~ smile
Mikutza 05 February 2014 22:31
Where can I find the torrent for these episodes?
Cygni 05 February 2014 22:42
Big fan of the series! I'm really glad that a lot more people can enjoy them now! And hopefully it will help some more people come to wakfu too!
mygmaa112 - Member - 06 February 2014 00:56
Th3LimiT - Member - 06 February 2014 01:32
I hope we can break all the goals. I'm going to be pledging some money soon.
estebanxito123 06 February 2014 02:09
Drelkag - Member - 06 February 2014 19:21
Pledged $50, wish I had more to give...
mygmaa112 - Member - 07 February 2014 12:09
ichaoz 07 February 2014 20:49
OMG! This is awesome! I will be pledging 100CAD for you guys for sure! Thank you so much for this!