The Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for a high-quality English dub for WAKFU the Animated Series is going strong. The second stretch Goal of $150,000 has been reached! Thank you Everyone!


Congratulations are in order! Wow, over $160,000 and 2000 Backers... that pretty new stretch goal chart better not get too comfortable, $200,000 may be right around the corner!

Thank you all so much! Our deepest appreciation and thanks goes to you our Fans and Backers from all over the world, we have arrived successfully to our second stretch goal of $150,000 and the English Dubbing for Bonus episode #27 "Noximilien the Clockmaker" and the Ogrest OVA.

And it's not just the artists and animators and community managers and project leads who are excited... as you can see below...