On February 3rd, the Updater will see a few changes coming! On the menu: Improvements, but also evolution on the way it has been offered to you so far. We have scheduled this revamp of the Updater prior to the next game update to ensure that nothing will prevent it to go smooth! However, we are also using this occasion to make some fixes to the game, which are detailed at the bottom of the news.

This revamp of the Updater will automatically be implemented on February 3rd in the afternoon (French time) and will be compatible with all operating systems, therefore you do not have to do anything!
At the end of downloading this update you will see the following changes:
The progress bar will now display three steps to download the game: "Installation", "Tutorial" and "Full Game", and the Updater will be downloading the necessary files in that order.

Once the "tutorial" step is completed, you will be able to run the game and access the WAKFU tutorial before the full download is finished. This will give you the opportunity to create an Incarnate (or resume an existing Incarnate) to enjoy Incarnam. Note, however, that it will be impossible to leave Incarnam until the download is complete.  


On the character selection screen, you will be able to find your non-playable characters. They will be replaced by a progress gauge of the download in progress. This gauge will be included in the upper left corner of your game interfaces to allow you to be informed of the progress of the download at any time. It will also disappear when the download gets to 100%, which will make all the characters on your account available to you and for you to have access to the rest of the World of Twelve, without even having to restart your client.

Important note: It is the Updater which will manage the download of the necessary files. If you close it while you play, or while a download is in progress, it will stop and you will have to restart the Updater for it to finish.
Also please note that although this new feature will start on February 3rd in the afternoon (French time), this revamp of the Updater will be also useful for a first installation of the game since it will allow new players to start their adventure earlier, while still be in the process of downloading the game
In addition, to accompany these changes, we will make additional fixes to the Updater, especially regarding problems running the game (including some versions of Java 6 on Mac OSX) or for better performance when downloading updates.

Additonnal Game Fixes

We will also use this revamp of the Updater to add the following fixes to the game:
First Mission: Instead of collecting five logs, one by one, required by the quest, it will be possible to collect all five with just one click.
Larva Egg Quest: It will be possible to collect all the eggs at once.
Quest Tracker: The interface will remain where you have left it from your last login.
Quest Book: It will now be possible to click on a compass button to active or deactivate the arrow or compass quest markers.
Environment: The error message received when unable to plant in an area will be slightly improved to clarify that it will be necessary to kill more monsters, or have to go plant a little further to perform this action.
Profession Books: They will appear automatically on the screen when learning a new profession.
World Map:
  • The markers will no longer disappear if zooming out the map and zooming in again by using the +/- button.
  • There will be only one Mount Zinit boat marker instead of two.
Post process: If activated, the visual effect result will be improved. 
  • It will be possible to use the "Up Arrow" key on your keyboard while in combat.
  • The texts on the shortcut bar will update correctly after a change of shortcuts.
 We invite you to discover this revamp of the Updater on February 3rd, see you there!