Another of the Multimen is available to test for free this week in WAKFU and it is : BEELZEBUG. This « Fire » Brother-in-Arms is a specialist in ranged attacks, while his primary mission is to have your back, be careful that you do not get burn! Discover everything you need to know about this Multiman before testing him in- game!


Beelzebug does not stand on the front line, but this doesn’t stop him from keeping his ennemies at bay! By using wisely the spells of this "Fire" Brother-in-Arms, you will provide an opportunity for your allies to run through all of your burning enemies!
The “Flighty” spell allows you to quickly move away from a monster, and you will just have to use “Molten Ember" to burn your enemies at long distances.
And if you really want to reduce them to ashes, "Eruption" and "Magma Jet" will raise the temperature: The first creates an eruption that can be very useful to help an ally in trouble, and the second will project a powerful jet of magma but with a limited range.
If you like to play with your guild, the power of "Scaraleaf Blood" will help you do even more damage, because its power will depend on the number of your allies...
And if you are the type to taunt your opponents, increase your internal temperature with "Furnace" to increase your power and range, and finish them with "Pyroclast" for some extra damage...
Beelzebug is available to test for free until the next maintenance. And if it matches your gameplay, you can buy it from the Boutique with all the progress that you might have made while testing him. Try him today!