The Shushu Dimension is preparing to open its doors for the February Game Update! What better way to celebrate this horrific event by offering you to create the name of the Clan Member of this new area? 


To help you find a name that could fit him the best, here are some information about him...
First, a visual of his horrible visage:

And finally, of course, some clues about his personality...
This Clan Member is the guardian of the portal that takes you to his dimension: The Shustuft Crust. If this Shushu allows adventurers to enter his demonic plan, it is not out of pure kindness!

And then what else... No! It is simply because every adventurer who enters Shustuft Crust is a poor Incarnate who is more likely to get lost in limbo... (We may pass on the sadistic laugh, but only this time...)
To propose a name for the Clan Member, three options are available to you *:
  • Propose a name directly on the forum in this topic
  • Visit our Facebook page and leave your comments in the dedicated status
  • Send your proposal via Twitter by adding the hashtag #Shushu to your name proposal


Your proposals have to be sent to us before Tuesday, January 21 at 03:00 PM GMT / 10 AM EST / 7 AM PST.
The WAKFU team will then select their favorite name proposal, and integrate it in the game! The winning player will also win the title of "Nominator".
* For the duration of the contest, posting a message on this topic, a comment on our Facebook page, or a tweet containing the hashtag #Shushu means that you automatically give us the right to use your name proposal in game.