The WAKFU animated series is ready to cross borders! Today, Ankama is turning to Kickstarter to raise funds for a high-quality English dub for WAKFU. We’re putting the future of the Brotherhood of the Tofu in the hands of our fans and we have never been more excited!


It’s no secret that English-speaking fans of the WAKFU series around the world have been asking for an official English release of the series for years.

And now, finally, Ankama is going to let these fans have it their way… by giving them control of the dubbing project through Kickstarter!
Join the adventure on Kickstarter, follow us on Twitter, or visit the new WAKFU series website to learn more! 
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Drelkag - Member - 20 January 2014 16:04
Backing! Want those art books, heheh.
Soundtrack8 20 January 2014 16:15
This is great biggrin
Hopefully we can reach the third stretch goal of 200,000 for second season dubs too!
AndersonMenezes - Member - 20 January 2014 16:27
Sure we will, soon

Can we have a kickstarter to get more DEVs, more MODs, more PPL to work on our game demand? Not much, just to delivery programed content in time, fix what is broken without use this to postpone what is said almost done?

Maybe someone to fix multimen bugs, cause mine wasn't gifty, i paid for something, knowing what was going to be, to get something diferent, something that don't give me 100 pp on party to broken pp cap, something that bug in mid-fight, something that don't help me find relic fragment, and something that don't drops keys, but will need one to adventure with me... Cause i'm sure u recieved the money i paid it, but i'm sure, and i know u're sure, i didn't get what i paid for, cause have a lot of topics about the subject...

And if this was a lil to kickstart, someone to implement what was promissed, like a drop revamp, cause isn't come with february patch, but the PP nerf was giving 2 months ago, someone to work in the craft revamp, that should been 5 months ago, maybe the alliance system, the big nation deeds to give GPs, new things to HW cause the system is abandoned.

Talking about abandoned content, someone to clean up and finish the wakfu/stasis system, the gemlin erradication, the microbugs infesting the old content, and maybe helping on the new content breaking the old one, and if isn't too much to ask, someone to turn the Almanax Quests better, cause had 1 year, and ppl keep saying isn't have time to work on this.

So yes, i will help soon with ur kickstarter, but could u launch a kickstarter to something we care more? Help us to help u, is easy. And if all this isn't clear enough:

It’s no secret that PLAYERS/CUSTOMERS WAKFU game around the world have been asking for an official implement of new [promissed] content as well fixing on old [or not too old] content for years.

So let's give what the people want!!! At least once in ur lifetime...

P.S.: When u done something, just stop what are u doing, and ask to urself, 'i don't have time to work on this content, have my PLAYERS/CUSTOMERS time to still grind for hours and hours to get this thing? - Would i do the same thing if i was a player/customer?' This is easy, and a recipe to sucess, at least in game design...

BEST WISHES and good kickstart!!!
Lantiz - Member - 20 January 2014 16:41
I'm currently backing by buying ogrines, ogrines that you don't give me after my payment.
I opened a ticket, I posted at the topic that Sabi created about support. Passed near 72 hours and I still don't have my ogrines neighter an answer.
Why should I care about kickstarter?


BTW I would like to have the wakfu series subbed in my mother language (pt-br), but not dubbed, the french speech is awesome.
Tropical-Ace - Member - 20 January 2014 16:49
Finally!!! Backing Backing Backing!
Fadedscourge 20 January 2014 16:54

Debating whether to go for the Ruel, Adamai, or Alibert package. Want those artbooks happy

lmbbooo, Percedal got his ass kicked during that preview.
SeriousBelly 20 January 2014 16:55
Percedal's voice sounds like Shoutmon's lol. What channel will it be on?

SeriousFace 20 January 2014 17:44
hoping this comes through, I for one think a Wakfu would be bigger if the the show was in english.
Naraevo 20 January 2014 17:54
At first I was almost sure I would pour money into this project, but after hearing Eva and Iop-Brain I changed my mind. French dubbing was far more better.
Fadedscourge 20 January 2014 18:06
Naraevo|2014-01-20 17:54:23At first I was almost sure I would pour money into this project, but after hearing Eva and Iop-Brain I changed my mind. French dubbing was far more better.
lol hack, I thought the same, but I think it's because we're just accustomed to how they sound in french. I for one, do enjoy their original voices, but I'm still excited for this.

Gives the feeling as If I watching a completely new series.