After the holidays, some of you might have gotten close to an indigestion, a cold or just a little bit of a slow down time... To restore some of that energy, the Boutique starts this new year by going on a diet for the month of January and will offer you every week - 50% on an item category! This week, it is the costumes, sets and emotes that are tightening up their belts!


Nothing is better than to start the year right by starting it with a new wardrobe!

If you still have the need to party , the Empress Set may suit you perfectly, or if you play more of a comic role in your guild, then maybe the Jester Costume is for you!
But if you decided to go on a new adventure and take your role-play to a new level, the Emotes "Scurvy Spyglass" and "Treasure Map" may be the ideal solution to complement it.


  • These special Boutique deals will last until January 29th.
  • Each week we will offer 50% discount on a category of items and until  the 15th of  January is it - 50% on costumes, sets and emotes!