This year, Father Kwismas's little helpers were a little... special! As you know, Multimen have an ubiquitous influence and it has been decided that besides being at your side, they would also accompany the old bearded man in his "World of Twelve Chimney Tour"! At least we were lucky, they could have replaced the reindeers instead of the little helpers...


With Kwismas just over, there is a question that may be burning everyone's lips: So what did you get as a gift? Or more precisely, which Multiman did you find at the foot of your Kwismas tree?

What! Your collection is still incomplete? Wait a minute, how do you plan a new in-game strategy for 2014 if you do not have the Multiman that you wanted?

This must be addressed immediately and we have exactly what you need:

The good news is that Lumino and Shadow are still offered as subscription gifts until January 10th: Lumino is available with a 6 month subscription and Shadow with a 1 year subscription and this in addition to the usual subscription gifts. Which still leaves you a few more days to benefit from this special offer!
And as another option, the Multimen are also available in the shop for 5800 Ogrines each, but as well in packs at a discounted price. Create your perfect duo thanks to the Pack of 2 Multimen for 9000 Ogrines or even your ultimate Sidekick team thanks to the Pack of 4 Multimen for 14000 Ogrines!
While Helping Father Kwismas's around the many chimneys of the World of Twelve, your fierce and courageous Sidekicks, the Multimen wishes you Happy Holidays!
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Gynrei 27 December 2013 21:46
GodIsWithUs|2013-12-27 21:40:01
Kikuihimonji|2013-12-27 21:16:39
Sabi|2013-12-27 06:00:00 Wait a minute, how do you plan a new in-game strategy for 2014?
Because it is Ankama and they would rather wait to release it around the time of a subscription promotion, such as in February, since the Roadmap would be fresher in people's minds and could be used as persuasion to sign people up during the 1 year sub promotion. Remember, last year they released the Roadmap a couple weeks before the promotion. The Roadmap is a marketing tool, first and foremost. If they released it now, by February enthusiasm would have worn off more. Strike the iron while it is still hot, not while it is cold.

So very, very, true.
GrimackReapum - Member - 27 December 2013 22:32
I find this post rather insulting: I played your game, I paid for the four multiman together with their Krosmaster versions with the promise I could place them under my christmas tree and here I am, still multiman-less! I got them on time, sure, but the code didn't seem to work. Such disappointment: everyoneis leveling their new fighting pets and I still have nothing to show for it.
AndersonMenezes - Member - 28 December 2013 00:17
Sabi can u tell ir fragments drops on Heaven World fights? thanks
TommyTrouble - Member - 28 December 2013 04:01
I'd like to see my +range equipment work on my Multimen, tbh. Why can't I get that under my tree? :p
skyboris 28 December 2013 11:33
i vas in my home
whit my famyly
rensgrun - Member - 29 December 2013 11:11
when i want to see it everything was gone :p
neroatsushi - Member - 29 December 2013 12:37
Hi,I tried to solve this at ankama support but didn't have any option:
I'm from Portugal and I tried to purchase ogrines but didn't show up any pack of ogrines to buy,changed country and it did well,but I couldn't complete since no address,please fix this issue ankama...
jeumedia 29 December 2013 16:01
only play wakfu along in the home
cbunny - Member (+) - 30 December 2013 15:42
I'm not interested in the multimen enough to pay for them, especially at the price they are (very high! More than $10 in ogrines?). But, thank you very much for offering the free Astrub Knight to everyone. I much rather play with my friends and guild mates than SKs, but it is helpful when needed!
I would have preferred class and glitch fixes. I hope they will be addressed soon.