Today, the Ankama reality comic unveils the work atmosphere required by the Direction on the eve of Christmas... And pay attention, this is a serious matter: Mandatory Christmas tree decoration! All teams are set (they didn't have much choice anyway). You will now get to have a sneak peek with shiny ornaments and  handmade garlands... But what about you? Well you are going to help us decide!

The Ankama Office investigated for  you a rare phenomenon!

In a company based in Roubaix, employees are forced to decorate a Kwismas tree (yes, it is called "Kwismas" between these "inhuman" walls as we are told!). What this comic reveals, is the awful reality, but also offers to make the experience more fun (yes, this is quite funny!).

You, players from all parts of the world,  your mission is close to the unthinkable, and even: The impossible!


The team that you will vote for the most: "Team to have decorated their Kwismas tree the best" will win a special gift! Their fate is in your hands!
For reasons of fairness and to avoid influencing your votes, the Kwismas trees are not associated with any particular team. 
"Honestly, no employee was harmed during this contest. It can happen in other circumstances, but not here. No, actually, that was a joke, it never happens..."