A dark threat looms in the shadows... Around the World of Twelve, the wind rises, the temperature drops and monsters appear from nowhere.
A persistent rumor is heard in all the different Nations: An evil presence has come. 


When they were questioned, witnesses could not help themselves but to tremble, recalling an evil laugh and a blurred silhouette instantly disappearing to the slightest gesture in his direction.

While this threat is not clearly identified, you must defend your Nations!


Monday 23/12 we call all the Vigilantes to gear up and accept this mission. If you happen to already find out who is behind this chaos, help us eliminate this threat once and for all!

Sacrificing yourself for a good cause is not a decision to be taken lightly. Each hero putting his talents in the service of justice will be graciously rewarded! In fact, all participants will be offered the title of "Upholder of Justice" and will receive it in a few days via their gifts interface.

This in-game event will take place at the following times and order:

  • Remington: 5 PM GMT / 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST
  • Nox: 1 AM GMT / 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST
  • Event duration: Approximately 2 hours per server depending on participation.
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Scordarsi 24 December 2013 16:38
Sabi|2013-12-24 04:30:29Please share any screenshots you may have or your memories regarding this event and we may have ourselves a future report on the event to share with everyone!

I'd love to, but I only got one screenshot and I'm honestly not sure if it follows the rules of conduct 8(
Neneko88i 24 December 2013 17:38
nice smile now I just want them to add a consequence system..
these fights should give nations penalties or bonta could get +10% fire bonus if they met a requirement.

krutaismagisters - Member - 24 December 2013 20:32
I got some pictures!

This is at 5th, the fight just started.(Everyone joined Harebourgs team too, to have some fun, but we all still killed him ^^)

His stats

We tried to punch him (20k hp now :3)

After he KO'd us, i quickly ran to sufokia and met him there. (I guess our punching worked! Made him weaker)

And then it ended up as 4vs6 pvp x)

SeriousBelly 24 December 2013 21:43
Here are pics from Sufokia:





Afterparty (biggrin):


[Sabi] - Administrator - 27 January 2014 19:38
Hi everyone,

It is finally time for an update on the "Upholder of Justice" title!

If you were logged in during the event, you can start checking your gift interface as your title might have finally arrived and we are thanking for your patience while we were working at it. smile 
Neneko88 - Member - 27 January 2014 19:43
Thank you! justice knight will be proudhappy