A dark threat looms in the shadows... Around the World of Twelve, the wind rises, the temperature drops and monsters appear from nowhere.
A persistent rumor is heard in all the different Nations: An evil presence has come. 


When they were questioned, witnesses could not help themselves but to tremble, recalling an evil laugh and a blurred silhouette instantly disappearing to the slightest gesture in his direction.

While this threat is not clearly identified, you must defend your Nations!


Monday 23/12 we call all the Vigilantes to gear up and accept this mission. If you happen to already find out who is behind this chaos, help us eliminate this threat once and for all!

Sacrificing yourself for a good cause is not a decision to be taken lightly. Each hero putting his talents in the service of justice will be graciously rewarded! In fact, all participants will be offered the title of "Upholder of Justice" and will receive it in a few days via their gifts interface.

This in-game event will take place at the following times and order:

  • Remington: 5 PM GMT / 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST
  • Nox: 1 AM GMT / 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST
  • Event duration: Approximately 2 hours per server depending on participation.
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moonbladexxx 21 December 2013 00:24
In game EVENT!!! Thumbs up!!! Great!!!
neroatsushi - Member - 21 December 2013 20:01
oh,i will only be there for an hour,what happens if i don't stay full time,will i still be rewarded?
CaWinKiDink 22 December 2013 01:54


Ankama, notice as I aquabeauty resub. You should be proud of yourself for doing something right for a change.

lets hope this event does not live up to my expectation of it being a grindfest.

Pew Pew Curiosity ACTIVATED; Can't wait!!!
Kaitenzushi 22 December 2013 11:27
neroatsushi|2013-12-21 20:01:07oh,i will only be there for an hour,what happens if i don't stay full time,will i still be rewarded?
In the french event you originally needed to actually participate in a specific fight to gain the reward.
mapleshifter - Member - 22 December 2013 16:03
i hope this event is available to every level
UsamaBenLadenll 22 December 2013 17:02
How to participate? Where is event stars??wacko 
emeraldfighter - Member - 23 December 2013 17:19
Is there anymore information on this event or is part of it finding the start?
Kaitenzushi 23 December 2013 17:24
In the french version: yes it was. The challenge moved around the World of Twelve.
[Sabi] - Administrator - 23 December 2013 18:00
The Ghostly threat is about to roam the World of Twelve.

Are you prepared and ready for the battle that lays ahead?

Find out and connect to WAKFU now! smile 
Axxort - Member - 23 December 2013 18:25
@ [Sabi] i have a question, is this event on Amara too? because there are no quests, no spezial mobs or anythink else. And noone in my fl see or find anythink.

Or is this only for the french and englisch speking servers?