Lumino, Shadow, Beelzebug, Trank, Skale, Krobax: Which one of these Multimen will be part of your next strategy? Strengthen your build with the Sidekick who is able to perfectly complement your combat tactics! And if you think you are up to the challenge...  why not try to master two at the same time? Either In packs or alone, discover them all!


Different from the pet that follows you everywhere and that you have to keep fed and pampered, the Multiman is a true brother-in-arms; a trump card that you need to accurately manage to turn the battle to your advantage. Whether you play alone or in group, you must choose wisely which Multiman will accompany you in battle.

How to Choose?

Choosing the perfect Sidekick can be a tricky situation but here are some questions and advice for you:

 Is melee not for you? Your heart goes towards ranged attacks? Roast your opponents with Beelzebug!

You need time to make a decision? You're the type to study carefully your opponent? Study all you want, because during that time, Trank will be your wall of defense and your protector.
Need Energy? A boost of AP or MP to disturb your enemies? Call Skale to the rescue for an extremely effective support.

You want to slow down your rivals? Disrupt their strategy? Krobax is here to move them around with talent.
A boost of anger during combat? Want to hit without thinking and hit where it hurts? Shadow will fill this very aggressive attacker role perfectly.

And if in your final battle you cannot find the strength to get up, call Lumino: You will heal at the speed of light.

Multimen Boutique Options Just for You!

The Multimen are available in the shop for 5800 Ogrines each, but also in packs at a discounted price. Create your perfect duo thanks to the Pack of 2 Multimen for 9000 Ogrines or even your ultimate Sidekick team thanks to the Pack of 4 Multimen for 14000 Ogrines!
Remember that two Multiman are offered as subscription gifts until January 10th: Lumino is available with a 6 month subscription and Shadow with a 1 year subscription and this in addition to the usual subscription gifts!
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FireMouse - Member - 14 December 2013 09:27
Yes. Thank you, Ankama. I don't know what we would have done without this additional thousandth reminder of Multimen. We might never had heard of it at all!

I wish you put as much effort into fulfilling the 2013 Roadmap as you did into making a flood of adverts for the site.

(multimen are fun though don't get me wrong.)
TommyTrouble - Member - 14 December 2013 09:31
I just noticed my boyfriend mouse is an 'Ugly Gobbal"

hahaha babe! thats what you get for posting smile 
Kalindaar - Member (+) - 14 December 2013 09:43
@FireMouse It might be worth remembering that if you put a lot of time and effort (and money) into a part of the game with the intention of making your profits back in the turnaround, PR is a necessary part of the process. They are making sure their hard work gets as much exposure as possible and while I agree some updates that DON'T include Multimen would be nice, I'm happy to see that they are trying offer as many options to obtain these guys as possible.

Sorry for the rant, just wanted to bring that to light, because if I made something I was proud of and ready to sell- I'd be talking about it everyday.
krowakot 14 December 2013 09:55
What's next, "Don't forget to buy your multimen!" reminder on red chat, whenever I log into the game?

How about, you answer the questions about multimen instead? I still can't get my answer in:
Click here
about how does Skale's Appeasement work. Because for sure it doesn't work the way, the spell description says.
Sargent-Wiggest - Member - 14 December 2013 11:17
I would buy if you guys solved the ogrines issue that is going on.
dlexus009 14 December 2013 12:05
first release my accounts and thennnnn i can buy..
Kikuihimonji - Member - 14 December 2013 12:14
There's like 14 topics in News about multimen already... Stop spamming forum with the topics about something that already has been mentioned. Its as bad as bumping old topics if you add no new information in it.
Rokugatsu - Member - 14 December 2013 14:51
If you would only put so much effort in promoting the game as you put in promoting Multimans...
saphiLC - Member - 14 December 2013 16:32
Another damn post about this? cut it off ankama!! ... i cant even purchase ogrines... fix what is broken first
MakoSeraph - Member - 14 December 2013 17:40
Yes, they are all very nice, and I especially don't regret reserving my own Foux to accompany my adventures. That said, if I ever need another multiman, I already know where to find them. Thank you, for the reminders, and boutique specials, but I would like to know what's going on as far as the new year. I look forward to the 2014 calendar.