The Multisignal has appeared in the sky. The Vigilantes look up and gaze at it. Lumino, Shadow, Beelzebug, Trank, Skale and Krobax put their fists together in a symbol of fraternity and unison. The time has come... you'll see them in-game tomorrow!

On the day where Aguabrial, Water Dragon, entrusted his Turquoise Dofus to his friend Ereziah Melkewel, he might not have been able to imagine what his alchemist buddy would end up doing with it! Confronted with Djaul's rise in power and in response to Rushu's Shushus, the alchemist wanted to create beings capable of protecting the balance in the World of Twelve, or even to restore the lost Harmony.

The power of the Dofus being miraculous as it is, he mixed the energy of each one with a creature in order to create beings in their own rights, capable of doing great things, a new hope in the face of the Evil that spread all over the World of Twelve. A Minifoux associated with the Ivory Dofus gave birth to Lumino. A Red Scaraleaf mixed with the Crimson Dofus gave birth to Beelzebug. A Shark combined with the Turquoise Dofus gave birth to Skale. A Crow merged with the Emerald Dofus gave birth to Krobax. A Treechnid fused with the Ochre Dofus gave birth to Trank. All was going well until the sixth one... The experiment turned to a disaster: the powers of the Ebony Dofus were amalgamated with the creator's shadow, Ereziah himself! And Shadow came into play.

The Multimen were born.

How can I get them?

Test a Multiman for free every week

Every week, a different Multiman will be selected and you'll be able to play with this character for 7 days. You will find your MULTIMAN directly in the dedicated interface. And we begin right away with Beelzebug!


The "Fire", "Water", "Air", "Earth", "Darkness" and "Light" Multimen are available in the Boutique for 5800 Ogrines each.

Elementary PACKS

The "Fire", "Water", "Air" and "Earth" Multimen will be available by packs of two for 9000 Ogrines, or four for 14 000 Ogrines.

LUMINO and SHADOW as subscription gifts

Until January 10, the Multiman of "Light" is offered when purchasing a 6 month subscription.
Until January 10, the Multiman of "Darkness" is offered when purchasing a one year subscription.

The 7th Sidekick

Freely accessible in-game, the Knight of Astrub is obtained by completing the quest "Saving the Astrub Knight".