Are you tired of buzzing around solo? Beelzebug, a real hothead, is the Brother in Arms who will be happy to fly with you and take down your enemies in flames! Discover the "Fire" Multiman: Beelzebug!

"The march of the Vigilantes is full of obstacles that are the results of the endless selfish actions coming from the work of our enemies. Blessed is the willing adventurer who, in the name of charity, shepherds and guides the weak through the Sidimote Moors, therefore he is the guardian of his Brother in Arms and the luck of any lost newcomers.
I will hit the grown with a terrible anger combined with a furious and fearful vengeance on the ungodly hordes of monsters who are chasing and destroying the disciples of the gods. You will know why my name is "Beelzebug the Cruel" when the vengeance of the Vigilantes will fall on you! "
Born from the flames creating a Red Scaraleaf with a crimson purple Dofus, Beelzebug is the type of Sidekick that should not overheat... Otherwise, he may become a real flamethrower!
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axemangx 07 December 2013 21:00
That has to be some sort of sentai speech.

TommyTrouble - Member - 08 December 2013 17:16
As long as this Fire one is good assistance versus Polar Cracklers, I'll be happy enough with it. Those Cracker shields are just horrific.
Roshi-Sensei 08 December 2013 18:01
I'm under the impression that most if not all the multimen will be this weak now after they got nerfed.

So whats the point? just raise an alt :/ this sucks was looking forward to this one the most but after watching that vid he looks like a waste of space.
RedHornet 10 December 2013 10:29
Beelzebug look stylish~
Jaela 12 December 2013 00:54
Biiiig baaaad Beelzebuuugs. Biiig Baaaad Beelzebuuuugs!