Keep him by your side, and you’ll make Skale the happiest fish alive! Give him a few monsters and villains to bite every day, and he’ll be like Shark on the beach of Bilbiza… Discover the “Water” Multiman: Skale!

Skale is always to first one to dive into things, especially when it involves getting his teeth on bad guys. You’ll often first notice his fin, and hear him hum a threatening tone as he gets closer. When his enemies finaly notice him, he often says “You might not have noticed it yet, but I’m about to bite!”

To create him, Ereziah Melkewel skillfully mixed the Turquoise Dofus to… A Shark!

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milordDen 07 December 2013 18:16
best multiman
krowakot 12 December 2013 17:46
I have a question about Skale's Appeasement. It withdraws effects from target, but apparently not all of them. It just works on some buffs and doesn't work on another. Anyone knows, why? How to recognize the buff, that can be taken off?
Gynrei 13 December 2013 16:39
TommyTrouble|2013-12-07 15:58:28Tested him out, his ability to keep buffing a target with 1x perfect dodge each turn was a lifesaver for me on Beta, for escaping wabbits and lenalds.

Definitely going to enjoy using him, gotta find summons that benefit from an additional 2ap buff, now. He's an Osa's best friend in a lot of ways.

Why didn't I think of that =)

There was a time I used to use my Xelor to AP buff my Sadi pets. Does Skale have cast limitations on the AP buff? i like the idea of using his AP to cast the better spells found on my regular characters.