Ankama Office is the new Ankama reality comic. You may have read one or two episodes on the DOFUS side: they presented how Azael (WAKFU), Lichen (Dofus) and Poupik (Communication), researched together all the options on how to obtain a Multiman. It is now WAKFU's turn and Azael will be holding the reins this time!

This Ankama Office episode ends well for you!

Here are some bonus additions:

The 7th Sidekick
Completely free, it will be unveiled soon... You can get it by completing the Astrub area via a quest.
Test them all  for free!
Each week, a Multiman will be featured and you will be able to freely test it. You will just need to login your character in-game with the only restriction of having to be a subscriber.
As an extra subscription gift, all players who have purchased a WAKFU subscription of 6 months or 1 year starting from October 1st, will receive Lumino (6 months) or Shadow (1 year) upon their release on December 10th!
Reserve Lumino or Shadow!
For those of you who are eager to take advantage of the Multimen, be aware that if you subscribe today for 6 months or 1 year, you will get Lumino (for 6 months) or Shadow (1 year) starting on December 10th! They will come in addition to the usual subscription gifts!
No need to wait for their release to be sure to get your hands on them!

SHADOW offered to the 200 most loyal players

Loyalty and investment in the game are two important values ​​representing WAKFU. Therefore, we decided to reward the 200 most loyal players! How? It's very simple: the 200 active players who have accumulated the most subscription time on their account will receive Shadow as a special gift at its release! The list is ready, so if you wonder if you are on it, you will know very soon...