They’re coming, and they’re about to change your gameplay experience forever! Multiman is a sidekick system that allows you to control one or several characters in addition to yours! A super-bonus for those who play solo, a new way of dominating dungeons for guilds – a little revolution in WAKFU! And it's coming December 10...

The Multimen are the first characters to introduce the sidekick system to WAKFU. When you call them, Lumino, Skale, Krobax, Trank, Beelzebug, and Shadow will leap to your aid, under your direction! And this will just bring a fresh new way of experiencing the game, and develop new strategies.

Who are they?

6 Multimen, 6 Dofus... you do the math! These Vigilantes are hybrid creatures created from monsters and the magic of the Dofus. Ereziah Melkewel created them:
  • Firefoux + Ivory Dofus = Lumino
  • Red Scaraleaf + Crimson Dofus = Beelzebug 
  • Shark + Turquoise Dofus = Skale 
  • Crobak + Emerald Dofus = Krobax 
  • Treechnid + Ochre Dofus = Trank 
  • Ereziah's Shadow + Ebony Dofus = Shadow 
Each Multiman also has his own powers. You'll know more soon...

What is a Sidekick exactly?

A Sidekick fights alongside adventurers, is controlled by the player and counts as a character during a fight. Note that they won’t be usable in PvP.

Sidekicks can be equipped with all the same gear as a player's character, with no restrictions besides levels.

A character can control up to two Sidekicks at once in a fight.

The Sidekicks win experience but can't become more powerful than your character.

Sidekicks can be exchanged between players via the Marketplaces.

How does one acquire a Sidekick?

The first Sidekicks will be the Multimen. You can obtain them on the Boutique or via subscription offers.

In order to first be able to test a Multiman, you will get to test them for free ingame. The multiman available for free will change each week, and allow you to test Lumino, Skale, Krobax, Trank, Beelzebug and Shadow one after the other, if your account has a running subscription.

A seventh Sidekick will be available entirely for free ingame: the Astrub Mercenary! Getting him will be easy; you’ll only need to complete a quest in Astrub!

How to get them

Beelzebug, Skale, Krobax, and Trank:
The elemental Multimen will be sold separately in the Boutique starting from December 10th:
  • 5800 Ogrines each
  • 9000 Ogrines for 2 Elementary Multimen
  • 14000 Ogrines for all 4 Elementary Multimen
The “Light” Multiman will be offered with 6 month subscription (additionally to the usual gifts).

The “Darkness” Multiman will be offered with 1 year subscription (additionally to the usual gifts).

Why not asking us in a Poll like in DOFUS?

The Sidekick feature will be quite different in DOFUS and WAKFU. We chose precise acquisition means that would better fit what we have in mind for the game. Also, development of this model is already well advanced and modify it now could have a direct impact on the quality of the content.

Don’t forget that you’ll get the possibility to test this feature with the Mercenary of Astrub, and the weekly testing available with the Multimen.
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Taku- - Member - 01 December 2013 22:01
Kikuihimonji|2013-12-01 21:20:35
Taku-|2013-11-29 21:04:28
Kikuihimonji|2013-11-29 21:00:49There is another issue about multimen that nobody seem to mentioned. We can test them now, but what about the new people who will join later? How would they be able to test them before buying them?

And what about the new comers who will download the game, check the boutique and see them there - they will learn from forum that they can test them now but to do so they need to be subscribed first. Here's where issue appear: they will have to sub (and get the multimen) before testing it!

The Knight of Astrub will always be free and available to everyone, presumably even those unsubbed as it's an astrub area quest to obtain him.

One of the four elemental multimen will be free each week.
You do realise that its not what i am talking about?

So what we can test knight of asturb if we cant test the spells of other sidekicks?
In order to choose a class - one need to investigate the spells that the class have. It is the same for Multimen. We can test them NOW, but we won't be able to test them later - correct me if i am wrong about it, Ankama.

My point is that i don't want to sub now to test them nor i want to buy them now. But i might want them once i sub, propably in next year, but then i won't have a chance to test them before buying them. Thats the issue.

Like I said, one of the four elemental multimen will be free each week for testing. The only ones you can't test are shadow and luminos, evidently.

And you can always look at all potential sidekicks and look at their spells via the sidekick interface, which shows ones you own and ones you don't, what all their spells are and their effects, even if you don't own them.
#[Troyle] 02 December 2013 09:17
Taku-|2013-12-01 22:01:18Like I said, one of the four elemental multimen will be free each week for testing. The only ones you can't test are shadow and luminos, evidently.

Shadow and Lumino will also be part of the free weekly testing. wink

@Kikuihimonji: The free testing is not a limited offer, it's part of the sidekick feature.
PeckSanders - Member - 10 December 2013 12:35
How can i get Knight of Astrub? :c

How can i get Knight of Astrub? :c
smallz117 - Member - 10 December 2013 12:40
Just to inform people, it appears the options to buy a Krobax/Skale combo pack isn't available in the shop. Dunno how many people ill actually try to buy that, but just letting it be known.