For months, the name of this league of extraordinary Vigilantes has been on everyone’s lips within the Krosmoz: MULTIMAN! Mighty heroes, saviors of mankind, knights of Light against Darkness, they will soon offer you a brand new gameplay experience. But before learning more about their strength and intentions, discover their faces in this new video!

When the sky goes dark…
When Evil comes back…
The MULTIMEN join the fight!

Soon in WAKFU…
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Neneko88 - Member - 09 November 2013 01:31
wow! that's amazing o.o finally did something that makes wakfu more fun ^^
something that helps us (instead of something that helps zeorus and his little baby UBs)

and this could make choosing a nation even more fun ^^ nice
Asthis 09 November 2013 01:48
I think the 5th one is "Justice Knight" because all the knights have fox-like masks.
MiniMikeh - Member - 09 November 2013 02:55
Asthis|2013-11-09 01:48:38I think the 5th one is "Justice Knight" because all the knights have fox-like masks.
I don't know what masks you're looking at but an owl a fish a tree and a scara don't look like foxes and justice knight is in the cartoon
Neneko88 - Member - 09 November 2013 03:21
The 5th (a fox) is probably for dungeons
Manyfaces 09 November 2013 03:27
The owl looks like its ready to do a big hug tongue 
MotorR89 09 November 2013 14:24
Multi-Man MELEE!!
RyoChazaam - Member - 09 November 2013 14:53
I think it's just 4 elements + heal (yellow lenald).
FurmentalAlchemy 09 November 2013 15:37
RyoChazaam|2013-11-09 14:53:12I think it's just 4 elements + heal (yellow lenald).
Or 4 elements plus summoner and thus general support. Look at the symbols near... err, their crotches. The pawprint is the same Osamodas bear in their forehead and used to be the Leadership icon.
Syritien - Member - 09 November 2013 16:11
I love it that we only get so little information smile
More space for imagination and makes it really exiting what we will get in the end smile
But i hope with this you still cant exeed the group limit of 6.
Else it will take so long till you get your turn with 12 character in your team ^^
Kikuihimonji - Member - 09 November 2013 22:30
Isn't that just going to be group fillers for those crystal gem's fight that is currently not available?