For months, the name of this league of extraordinary Vigilantes has been on everyone’s lips within the Krosmoz: MULTIMAN! Mighty heroes, saviors of mankind, knights of Light against Darkness, they will soon offer you a brand new gameplay experience. But before learning more about their strength and intentions, discover their faces in this new video!

When the sky goes dark…
When Evil comes back…
The MULTIMEN join the fight!

Soon in WAKFU…
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Kikuihimonji - Member - 08 November 2013 16:59
I was always thinking that it would be awsome if we could play wakfu on hexagons instead of squares. Then again i doubt it would happen, it's propably just cool background of the forum that made me think it could happen...
microundeas 08 November 2013 17:00
Power rangers are coming...
MakoSeraph - Member - 08 November 2013 17:00
Excited to know who the lenald is.
KimaenJaiSheelal - Member - 08 November 2013 17:01
its a new UB? or dungeon? or island with that guy's? i dont get it at all
Kokonaut 08 November 2013 17:12
It really looks like they're making Ombre to be the main villain of the Supervillain arc after the Harebourg arc, seeing as all of this isn't taking place until after players have access to the level 150 Harebourg Dungeon that's supposed to come in the update after this one.

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Nox16 - Member - 08 November 2013 17:13
Keli-Liesin - Member - 08 November 2013 17:37
what da...
sjoerdX 08 November 2013 17:39
Neneko88 - Member - 08 November 2013 17:41
One for each nation. hopefully they bring a goal to wakfu..would make everyone work towards something.
MiniMikeh - Member - 08 November 2013 18:04
One of them is an owl.... I have never needed something more in my life