Now that the recruitment period is over, it is now time to present to you the new Volunteer International Community Team made out of both the forum and game Moderators. 

We would like to start by thanking the Community for your great interest in participating in this new Volunteer Moderator Program for the International Community Team (ICT). This program was created in effort to improve the Community's experience of the forums and WAKFU.

We have received countless applications and while it was very hard to choose, we finally got to select a handful of very suitable candidates which we hope that the community will welcome and enjoy their presence as much as we do. We are also very thankful for their participation and for volunteering their time.

A complete list of what an ICT Moderator is about can be found in the recruitment dedicated news.

Most of you are already familiar with our current moderators, who for their hard work have earned the rank of  ICT Senior Moderators!

The new ICT Recruit Moderators will have have the opportunity to reach highter ranks and eventually become one as well.

Without any further delay, I present to you the complete list of the Volunteers ICT Moderators that you may find hovering in the forums and possibly in-game!

The International Community Team Moderators

As an added bonus to get to know them better, you may find introduction posts linked to their names.

ICT Senior Moderators

  • [MOD]Moon
  • [MOD]O-Respeitador
  • [MOD]Masama
  • [MOD]JimboSunany
  • [MOD]Mek

ICT Recruit Moderators

  • [MOD]Lenaw
  • [MOD]Aradryan
  • [MOD]Gataki
  • [MOD]Walkure
  • [MOD]Atdose
  • [MOD]Itsade
  • [MOD]Kuali
  • [MOD]Ranuko

We also have 3 more recruits making their way to the team and will be added to this list shortly.


The main purpose of this thread is to present to you the new International Community Team and get familiar with its members but it is also to open the dialogue with the community to share with us your feedback regarding the program.

While the ICT Moderators are a great addition and opportunity to better your overall experience, we want the community to also know that they are closely monitored on their actions.

Any issues with the ICT Moderators can be reported by contacting [Sabi] via the Ankabox and/or via email to: [email protected]

A lot more in-game presence and forum presence is about to unleash on the World of Twelve! We can't wait to see what this talented team has in store for us!

I will now let the community give a big welcome to the new Volunteer International Community Team Moderators!