Discover the new content that will be implemented with the update of July 30!

Read the complete changelog here.

Today, we reveal the first part of the new content that will arrive in game on July 30.
The second part describing additional improvements and bug fixes will be communicated in the coming days.

Bilbiza is here

Bilbiza is finally back!
In this festive adventure island aimed to Level 85 and above, you will find new families of monsters, quests downright "Jelly", colorful dungeons... Only one thing will be prohibited: boredom!
The party will go on throughout august with two dungeons opening in the following weeks!
Before landing on the island, you can already read the Devblog that should give you a better idea of what to expect on this island, and watch (again) this trailer:

Relics and Almanax anniversary

Bilbiza wouldn’t be what it is without the Gelano! The Gelano will be the first Relic of the game, together with the ultimate reward of the Almanax. Its description has even been written by one of you!
Relics will be very powerful equipment, but you will only be able to equip one at a time on your character!
And if you’re one of those who completed all Almanax quests since their implementation on September 18, 2012, you might be interested in what follows…
To celebrate the implementation of the ultimate Almanax reward, which will be a Relic Insignia, we will offer the title “Almaniac” to all those who obtain it between July 30th and September 18th (11:59 PM Server Time), day of the one year anniversary of the Almanax!

Characters reach level 125, and spells level up to 200

How to better start the summer than spending some time on leveling your character?!
From July 30th, your character will be able to reach level 125, and train on Frigost where the last monsters families have had their difficulty rebalanced… And their XP as well! If the heat of Bilbiza isn’t your style, then you know where to go!
Also, the spell system will evolve as they will now be balanced up to level 200. Masteries, resists and damages have all been adapted. You can read all about it on this Devblog.

Xelor and Foggernaut Stasis branch revamps

Class revamps are coming back and it’s now time for the Xelor, and the Stasis branch of the Foggernauts to be reevaluated.
A Devblog was already posted about the Xelor, while the Stasis branch changes can be found at the end of this other article.
Take the time to read them and plan how to better use the respec that will be offered for the occasion!

Changes that will bring sun to your game

Who said that Devs were already lazing in the sun of Bilbiza while you freeze your teeth off on Frigost? The team prepared a list of changes and improvements that will be implemented with this update:
  • Gain and Loss of Citizenship Points will now be based on a fixed cost, and a percentage (varying with the laws) of the character’s CP. This should bring real consequences to your decisions!
  • Non-aggression state will now evolve: If you are being attacked in the 15 minutes that follow a previous attack against you, your non-aggression state will last 15 minutes (instead of 5), then 30 minutes, etc. until a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Handymen will now be able to craft Dungeon keys!
  • Gathering professions will be automatically learned: this will apply to all newly created characters, and also the existing ones. If you were missing gathering professions, the missing ones will be automatically added to your professions.
  • Implementation of a limitation to 12 AP and 7 MP outside of combat. The current system limits builds to only a few viable sets. We noticed a very limited interest for unique and crafted items. The AP/MP limitation as well as the addition of more interesting unique items should solve most of these problems. We invite you to have a look at this Devblog, to get the complete explanation.
  • Finally, some abilities will see their evolution adapted: everything can be found on this Devblog.

Novelties for Haven Worlds

16 New Haven Worlds per server, possibility to move buildings, unique decorations from Bilbiza and a new “Arena” building boosting your HPs…
These are all the novelties that you will find for your Haven World, and that should finally convince your guild leader to start bidding!

The Trool Fair isn’t gone

Summer is just the right time to visit the Trool Fair and spend your time and Kamas in the waiting lines…
On this month of July we will add terminals giving you access to the mini-games of Bilbiza!

We also want to let you know that in a next update we will simplify the access to rewards in the Trool Fair, and add new ones! We will tell you more in the next weeks.

New World Map

Don’t be afraid! The continents have not moved, you should still find your marks.
Still, the map received a significant overhaul! Our goal: have more coherence with the history of the World of Twelve.


Don’t forget that a part of the Gazette is now here just for you! Have a small announcement to share? A slogan or false advertising for us? Send your ideas to your Community Manager, we will retain the funniest for publication in the next gazette.

The complete changelog can be found here.
Comments (66) Comment on the forum...
Mox-Jackal 30 July 2013 17:11
The updates this game really needs is bug fixes
Tons of them
There have been so many bugs and glitches that haven't been addressed at all
Some have been in the game since beta
0 Timer glitch
And lag disconnecting issues that kill people in dungeons
that's one of the most annoying that the game crashes inside of dungeons a lot

Also there are bugs with challenges where enemies will stand around after a challenge and you cant do anything to get rid of them

Black screen of doom with haven bags
Guild banks aren't working
Ai and graphical glitches all over the place

Like one where the game wont load but it looks loaded
You run into an area and then the screen goes black
You then teleport back like 50 feet to where you started

0 timer bug is the oldest and is probably the most annoying
Even the ai is annoying when it happens
Some ai just sits there and wont move or do anything until 28 seconds after

Not to mention some ai is just moving back and forth for no reason
Or walking constantly into air push back cells for no reason

what wakfu needs is a huge bug fixing update

also the proffesions need rebalanced
actually to be balanced
its completely ridiculos for the costs on handyman now
handyman Is terrible as is every crafting profession
little xp but requires tons and tons of materials for 1 craft
all the previous update did was add 20 screws to every craft
its unfair to all players
especially since every profession is like this
a huge amount of resources for 1 item
like the lv100 items, 99 of anything is just way to much
the most should be 20 or 30 never 50+
and we should be actually rewarded with our harvesting professions
and baker or chef should give us x3 for each craft instead of 1
or at least when you make 1 craft you get x2
or even when you make a 5 craft you get 7
it gives us incentive
like if we could get +1 to gathering of a resource every 10 levels like dofus did
1-3 base and every 10 levels after +1 to the max
so at lv100 you can get 1-13 iron for mining pretty much
it makes it more rewarding to all players

I wish I could get some money to help better direct wakfu... lol
to actually listen to the forums maybe =[
I know troll does, but sometimes I think its more like talking to air

its sad, wakfu needs commercialism to broaden its community
since it does get updates about 1 time a month
we just need more people

you know it would be kind of cool to gives a new attribute point
Specialty points
1 point every level
You could add it to 4 different stats
Kit skill, Block, Wisdom, Prospecting
Kit skill maxes at 10
Block 30
Wisdom 100
Prospecting 100
it would be separate from Attribute points and Spell points

but one of the most annoying things right now is the chances mobs have to block
I had one enemy block me 3 times in a row
The block chance is way to high on enemies
Ask any players this and they will say yes it is
You cant go 1 fight without some enemy blocking you out of nowhere
just try monk island for example
they block 90% of the time

all in all if I sound rude iam sorry
I still like wakfu even with any issues it has
its just I want to see wakfu excel as much as other games out there
Catoonist - Member (+) - 30 July 2013 17:26
Please change the new font of the chat to the old one @_@ My eyes are getting really really tired of reading the chat now.
IvanSouza 30 July 2013 18:03
" Strength, Intelligence, Chance, Agility: leveling one up will cost 3 points if no other has a higher level. Leveling one with a lower level will cost 1 ability point. If the two or more have a same value, and this is the highest value, leveling the first one up will cost 3 points."\

-Shakespeare- 30 July 2013 18:08
cybot has 0% stasis damage. oh, and stasified state is no longer working. that stasis damage gauge sure is nifty though!
Alienhunter1000 30 July 2013 18:16
ankama where is my 400% damage on my eni??????????WTF?I have 306 water damage.where is 2 points on element?????damn you bugfu,hate @_@
Wareen-Peace - Member - 30 July 2013 18:31
-Shakespeare-|2013-07-30 18:08:14cybot has 0% stasis damage. oh, and stasified state is no longer working. that stasis damage gauge sure is nifty though!
0Cataclyst0 30 July 2013 18:39
Still cant play, not sure why.
Shaleigh1 - Member (+) - 30 July 2013 19:03
Alienhunter1000|2013-07-30 18:16:08ankama where is my 400% damage on my eni??????????WTF?I have 306 water damage.where is 2 points on element?????damn you bugfu,hate @_@

You should probably read the patch notes again. It only costs 2 points when you are raising your secondary element. All elemental masteries will be slightly lower than they were before for now.

@Patch: To not only be negative about this patch, this is really exceptional work on the Xelor. So much fun to play and 30 second turns are actually pretty short for all that stuff you can do now ^^
SirIgoreldourado 30 July 2013 19:55
Good afternoon, After the update, i cant open the game because apear a error named: aWJ: II n exist pas de propriete: enableasiancharacters, i dont know why is in french, but the game cant open. I never have a error in all last updates, How i resolve this problem? i need a urgente answer, beacause iam paying the game too. greetings Igor Teixeira
Master2of2Darkness 30 July 2013 21:33
everything is good gaming is working did the bilbiza island quests btw lvl 90 dungeon in bilbiza was fun to do and the boss was cool too and even gave me equipment thats in market for 70kk!