As a reward for your fidelity, but slightly less demonic than last time, KROSMASTER Arena will hold a special tournament offering you unlimited glory and rewards! From July 24th to 31st, you will have to display your strategic skills! Better start training now!

You think you’ve got what it takes to become the greatest Krosmaster warrior? Don’t get as cocky as a Iop!

Don’t forget the Demonic rewards… Kind of a game changer after all. Use them wisely, they could even KO as Krosmaster in a single turn!

If you don’t want to be one of these unlucky losers, you might want to begin practice now!

The Special KROSMASTER Tournament will give you the opportunity to prove your worth once and for all, and maybe even win some of these gifts in the process:
  • 1st: “Brotherhood of the Tofu” figurines set + Tofu token + Block doll token (digital versions)
  • 2nd: “Brotherhood of the Tofu” figurines set + Tofu token (digital versions)
  • 3rd: “Brotherhood of the Tofu” figurines set (digital versions)

How to participate?
  • Participate in tournaments from July 24th, 8 AM GMT / 4 AM EST / 1 AM PST until July 31st, 8 AM GMT / 4 AM EST / 1 AM PST
  • Each game won in a tournament will earn your 1 point
  • At the end of the tournament, the three players with the highest count of points will win the rewards.

Refine your strategy, sharpen your mind, it’s going to get bloody!