Jellies need you!

Impossible! While all jellies were having fun on the dance floor, rehearsing their last choreography, the description of the Gelano was lost! No way to release such a mythical piece in this state…

Jellies are in need of a hero to save them! While the author of this chocking prank is being pursued, someone has to write a new description worthy of the legend.

Your mission: Give us what you think would be the best possible description of this item.

To do so, you have three solutions:
  • Post it directly in this thread
  • Go on Facebook and leave your description as a comment
  • Tweet your description using the hashtag #Gelano  

One rule: Your description must contain a maximum of 130 symbols (space included), and be sent before Tuesday, July 23rd, 7 AM GMT / 3 AM EST / 12 AM PST.
The WAKFU Team will choose the best description, following a complex and mystical process, and integrate it to the game with the nickname of its author*.
Now, to your quills!
*By participating in this contest you agree to cease ownership of your sentence to Ankama