Today, KROSMASTER Arena received a major update! DEMONIC REWARDS are doing a firey salsa as they join the eternal battle, won't you come dancing?

Demonic Rewards are instant benefits or temporary improvements to one of your characters while doing battle. If you can master these rewards, you have a better chance at turning any battle situation to your advantage!

There are three types of Demonic Rewards:
  • Boosts: these rewards provide an instant advantage to the Krosmaster character that uses it. Once used, it's gone.
  • Buffs: Another temporary improvement to a Krosmaster. Once activated, this effect lasts until the character's next turn before ending.
  • Equipment: Activating equipment on a Krosmaster character gives an improvement effect to that character until the end of the game.

There is now a new chapter in the Miscellanious section of the KROSMASTER Arena tutorial that shows how to use these new rewards.