Azael tells you about the state of the game and the development planning for the second half of 2013…

Hello everyone!
We already reached the middle of 2013 and it’s now time to look at what’s coming for the rest of the year. And I can tell you that we have many things to talk about!

Before going in the details of each patch, I wanted to explain the direction we will follow until the end of the year, which might help you better understand some of our decisions.

Classes and GvG

First, we know that classes are the heart of WAKFU and that the expectations are very high. Let it be said, it’s our number one priority!

Concretely, we will not implement any new feature before revamping the classes and the content will be very limited as long as we didn’t stabilize balancing

That’s why we will postpone the GvG content to the end of the year, and each patch will now include a class revamp. We think it would make little sense to implement a PvP system without having first stabilized combats (stats, lock, velocity) and classes. On the other hand, we don’t want to implement more than one class revamp per patch, in order to put as much care as possible into each class.

Now, here’s the planning for classes:
  • July: Xelor
  • August: Eniripsa
  • October: Foggernaut
  • November: Pandawa
  • December: Sram
  • January 2014: Feca

Something else that was already mentioned, and still planned for the July update: spells balanced up to level 200

We think this is a most important mechanic that should allow for better and more coherent basis in terms of character evolution, and finally offer a real possibility of Multi Element builds.

Community and Devblogs

I wanted to talk about our communication towards you.
We will try to provide our Devblogs ealier and give you a chance to participate more in some of our choices.

A devblog should open the communication between us, and we want to use them to take your feedback into account before a patch is released, and be more reactive after the update.

Don’t forget that a devblog is a design proposition that can very much evolve with your feedback!

More focus on the basics of the game

As important as class balance is the improvement of the basics that make WAKFU a unique experience in the gaming industry. I of course mean politics, ecosystem and combat.

I won’t announce huge revamps, but I can tell you that each patch will include modifications of some of the rules to strengthen these features and help them evolve later.

Why now?

It’s nothing sudden and we’ve been working on these features for a while already, but you will only start to notice the changes now.

WAKFU has been under development for many years already and it was necessary to establish a picture of what works and what needs improving, while still taking your feedback into account, as well as technical limitations and of course, the planning!

Many rules will be modified until the end of the year, such as citizenship points, non-aggro state, maximum AP and MP, velocity, etc…

Each patch will see its share of small changes that should reinforce the basics of the game and of course each of these modifications will be explained and adapted with your feedback.

The beginning of the game

We will also revamp an aspect that is maybe less impacting for you, but just as important: Incarnam and Astrub.

WAKFU is a very peculiar and unique game and we want to make sure that the first steps give a real idea of what a subscriber could get access to.

This revamp will also simplify the access to professions, feature a complete overhaul of the geography of Astrub, as well as a complete narration aspect to better introduce the main quest.

This revamp is also part of the main problematic of this year: strengthening the basics to better shape the future of the game, and particularly the next part of Mount Zinit.


We adapted the planning based on our priorities, your expectations and production schedule, but there is one point that still needs to be discussed: crafting.

This is one of the aspects of the game that we would really like to revamp, but the current planning will not allow it without risks for other contents.

We know that many of you are eagerly waiting for this, and we’re still looking into the best solutions to implement it.

Some equipment rules as well as the revamp of the tutorial and other modifications will allow for a better game experience.

We will try our best to implement this awaited profession revamp, but I cannot guarantee that it will be done this year.

This is the only point on our planning that isn’t fixed yet.

Haven Worlds

Our goal is to implement 8 Haven World with each update and even more in December to reach 120 Haven Worlds at the end of the year.

Each patch will also include new buildings, appearance and ground packs as well as many new decorations until the end of the year!

More advanced content

After Wabbit Island (in August) we will implement 2 new dungeons per patch.

The goal is to implement less content in order to focus more on the tactical aspect and balancing of our existing monsters and dungeons.

We would like to involve you in some decisions regarding the content to implement, and maybe let you vote for the adventure island you’d like to see improved.

We will add a main quest, dungeons, etc… Those of you who think that Kelba or Forfut are too empty, now is the time to be heard.

As requested by some players we will also try to publish a “step by step” article about the development of the island, allowing you to see the evolution and maybe even participate…

Finally we will also use this time to correct the bugged content, instead of trying to rush new content.

Ultimate bosses

After the Dragon Pig setback we decided to focus on its comeback and therefore canceled the Big Sandhill that was originally planned for July.

Ultimate Bosses constitute Elite high level content and we want to first focus on the classes before implementing a new UB.


That should be it for our mid-year roadmap. I hope I was able to explain clearly our mid-term objectives (for the end of the year). I didn’t give much detail for now but you will find an updated version of the roadmap here.

As you will see, there will be no update in September. But don’t worry, the update will be released in beginning of October, and all following updates should take place at the beginning of the month as well.

And since I didn’t spoil much this time, I’ll give you the date of the July update: July 30

I’ll come back to you after each update with an information letter to give you an overview of the state of the game (I’ll try to make it shorter next time…).
And here’s a detailed list of the content of the July update:
  • Max level increased to 125
  • Xelor revamp and Stasis branch of the Foggernaut rebalanced
  • Haven Worlds:
    • Addition of the option to move a building
    • 8 new Haven Worlds on each server
    • Addition of Bilbyza themed decorations
    • Addition of an “Arena” building
  • New island: Bilbyza (80-100)
  • Trool Fair:
    • Rebalancing of the access to rewards
    • Addition of 2 minigames
    • Rewards added
  • Rules of the game:
    • Improvement of Citizenship Points loss
    • Improvement of the Non-Aggro state
    • Spells balanced up to level 200
    • New “Relic” items
    • Limitation to a maximum of AP/MP
    • Willpower and Perception no longer increasable with ability points
  • Frigost:
    • Rebalancing of the families, experience gained and sets
  • New world map
  • Professions modification:
    • Addition of the keys to be crafted by Handymen
    • Gathering professions automatically learned for new characters.

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[Sabi] - Administrator - 17 July 2013 05:02
Hi everyone,

Thank you for all of your feedback as it is important to us and appreciated.

Here is a little more information that I wanted to share with you from Azael:

Class revamps:
  • The invisibility system of the Sram is on the table to be reviewed.
  • We preferred to announce one class revamp per patch rather than to say that yes we are working on it and nothing happens... We reduced it to one class each time to have enough time to communicate with you, take into account your feedback and follow-up after the patch, as there are only five patches left for 2013, we must make the right choices.

Rules of the game:
  • The AP/MP limitation will not constrain the players, this limitation is due to the upcoming level change and it is a rule modification that allows us to have a lot more of opportunity behind it, but a Devblog explaining the principle of the limitation and how it will impact the game is on the way.
  • As you will see in the coming months several small rules will be amended to pave the road for the big revamp (lAP/MP limitation and Profession rules for example).
  • The spell change to Lv 200 will not only affect damage, but also the distribution of exp. and therefore the elemental mastery. As you will discover, the multi element build will be much easier than before, it is even one of the objectives of this evolution.
Testimony 17 July 2013 05:09
Should drop a blanket drop rate boost to levels under 30 or 40 this patch if you could. Those levels are fairly quick but getting items under them feels like a complete waste of time because you move up in levels faster than you need the equipment. The rate of leveling is pretty much fine their but given how quick you move you don't get to appreciate any of the gear thats been created at those levels because they take far too long to get relative to how fast you'll shoot past them.
Asthis 17 July 2013 05:29
Kind of worried about MP limit for Enu Drhellzerkers since they get so much. They'd need a limit of at least 15 MP.
lolmaolol - Member - 17 July 2013 05:44
If you're adding more pets, please make a "pet only" box-bag. 1 more pet after croum and golden croum and my entire vamp bag will be filled.
GodIsWithUs - Member - 17 July 2013 05:47
Asthis|2013-07-17 05:29:02Kind of worried about MP limit for Enu Drhellzerkers since they get so much. They'd need a limit of at least 15 MP.
The cap only caps what you can get without going into battle. There is no cap on what you can gain during battle. So if the cap were 10 ap/5 mp (which of course won't be the case), you can only have that much outside of battle. But during battle, if a Xelor gave you 3 ap you will have 13 ap to work with.
Pimento2 17 July 2013 06:20
Most of the points mentioned here are great news, and the greater transparency about development is appreciated. A few things I'd like to address:

AP/MP limit seems to be a lazy way to avoid AP/MP stacking. Currently, the highest amount of base AP possible without using a satisfaction ring is 6 (base) + 2 (stats) + 1 (weapon) + 1 (cape) + 1 (amulet) = 11. Use of one or more satisfaction rings constitutes such an extremely huge stat sacrifice on the ring slot that I think allowing players to reach 12-13 AP is reasonable, so at least at this point, there's absolutely no need to cap base AP. If an AP belt (or any other equipment slot) needs to be released, the stats of that item/those items should be such that it has a stat sacrifice on the order of the satisfaction ring. In that case, an AP limit should never be necessary so long as the stat sacrifice justifies the AP stacking. I can't imagine Ankama limiting base AP to 10, so this doesn't seem to be much of an issue though. As far as MP goes, I regularly stack MP on some of my characters to 8-10 using penn knives, and I can imagine this being limited. I can see how Ankama might view this as abuse, as a 6 AP/10 MP Pandawa/Sacrier can move a non-stabilized boss such as Dragon Pig ridiculously far, especially with assistance, but I would rather see breastplates added to sets such as el pochito, boowolf, and wild gobball, and penn knives be made unique. I'm really hoping Ankama doesn't decide to cap MP out below 8 and AP below 12.

Mobile arenas seem to have been completely ignored. I feel like a temporary solution could be at least simply to release them again in their original states, having heal resistance fall off every round or every other round. It is true that there are many problems with the arenas, but the problems aren't game-breaking. As it is now, there is no way to get the arena rewards besides buying already-existing ones from others, which is extremely difficult in low-populated servers.

The level cap increases to 125 in July, 140 in August, 145 in November, and 150 in December seem a bit too rushed. Wabbit island and Dragon Pig, which appear to be level 120-130 and level 125 content respectively, should stay at endgame difficulty for a least 4-6 months or at least until a new island and UB are released. Considering the level-up exp scaling starting at 111, I don't think the level cap should be raised beyond 130 until next year.
GodIsWithUs - Member - 17 July 2013 06:41
Pimento2|2013-07-17 06:20:15The level cap increases to 125 in July, 140 in August, 145 in November, and 150 in December seem a bit too rushed. Wabbit island and Dragon Pig, which appear to be level 120-130 and level 125 content respectively, should stay at endgame difficulty for a least 4-6 months or at least until a new island and UB are released. Considering the level-up exp scaling starting at 111, I don't think the level cap should be raised beyond 130 until next year.
Whispering island had gear 15 levels above max level and Frigost had gear 10 levels above max level when they were released. Each also had, or will have, to wait several months before level cap was raised to the highest gear level. People who wore Magmog early on had to wait several months before not stating kit skill if they were not also wearing pieces of Gobbalrog. Despite the dungeon list showing Black Wabbit dungeon at 120 and Wabbit dungeon at 130, I suspect they will increase the level of these dungeons, or have higher level dungeons on Wabbit Island that will drop level 150 gear. Remember there will be 5 unique and exclusive families on the Island and its for no lower than level 100, and maybe higher minimum. Read the Afk #10 transcript for that info. Frigost had monsters from 80-120 with 5 families, with top dungeon being 130. So that probably means if Wabbit Island started at 100, monsters should be from 100-140 and top dungeon 150. So Wabbit island will at least be that range. Ankama likes people to use kit skill for several months to wear the top level gear before raising the cap to that level. Doubt they will change that mentality.tongue 
milordDen 17 July 2013 07:22
no GvG???? I feel that I was deceived =(
Teladoph - Member - 17 July 2013 09:04
So, stasis branch is gonna get rebalanced on july 30th. When do we get final info about it so we can prepare our builds?
-Shakespeare- 17 July 2013 14:08
Teladoph|2013-07-17 09:04:13So, stasis branch is gonna get rebalanced on july 30th. When do we get final info about it so we can prepare our builds?

Seconded. We really would like some detailed info here.