In order to thank you for your patience following the difficulties of these last days, we decided to offer you a free weekend on WAKFU!

Still catching up with the time wasted in maintenances and hotfix these last days?

From Friday, July 5th, 4 PM GMT / 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST until Monday, July 8th, 7 AM GMT / 3 AM EST / 12 AM PST, you will be able to play the entire content of WAKFU for free, without any Non Subscriber restrictions!
A good opportunity to check out the Haven Worlds freshly purchased and discover this brand new feature!
Those of you who already have an active membership during the weekend will see 2 additional subscription day credited to their account next week!
Have fun!
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Scoundrel-Dayja 08 July 2013 18:42
I agree with Kaylie77, you need to help out the nonsubs.
Shaleigh1 - Member - 08 July 2013 18:47
Kaylie77|2013-07-07 19:16:59I think its weird how they notice us nonsubs, but don't give us any new content. The last thing they gave us was the larva dungeon. They seem to be taking away from us (the token machines) instead of giving us more.

Just cause i cant afford to sub doesn't I don't wanna have fun playing Wakfu. My cra is level 47 haven't payed a single dollar.

That is your problem right there. Do you think Ankama employees want to spend their work time on someone that does not pay them a single Dollar?

This is their job. They need to make money to keep the game running, the company running, their employees fed and healthy. I am not sure how you are asking for more when your clear intention is to never subscribe.

The f2p area of the game is there to attract new players to then buy a subscription and pay for the game.It is an advertising sheme, not a free toy that you can demand more of.

Edit: I wish they took the "f2p" advertisement off since it is misleading and I also wish they took down any non-cosmetic shop items. There are problems with their business model that need to be addressed, certainly not in the way you want it though.
Chronah 08 July 2013 22:53
Was very fun!

Thank you Ankama for the free subscription 4th of July weekend! biggrin!

Subscribing soon!
JerryDB - Member - 09 July 2013 13:40
Thank you Ankama it was nice to see some new faces.
One f2p person even joined my event.
neroatsushi - Member - 11 July 2013 20:46
yes it was really nice,i got to see how my guild HW was biggrin
Seboo800 14 July 2013 18:20
hey , when are we going to have enralled for free