What’s new in the Boutique?... Emotes! Nothing better than a new pose to make your character look much more original and alive. No matter if you’re “In Rage”, “In love” or “Laughing”, let it know! Discover the Emotes that have just been added to the Boutique.

Emotes everywhere!

Learn to express your feelings with the following emotes, now available on the WAKFU Boutique:
Have fun with your Emotes!
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Gregor123 14 June 2013 18:54
aim gonna play gobbowl for the first time
Inhibithor 14 June 2013 19:08
Worst joke - ever.
Sundown01 14 June 2013 23:13
Come on guys and gals, we all know these are for the pitiful few would rather PAY for an item than spend the time actually finding or making it.
VulpineEntropy 15 June 2013 00:06
Let's just hope Ankama is just giving us options and not planning on removing them. Any word on this, Troyle?
AlienSpike21 - Member - 15 June 2013 01:13
I think there needs to be a T-bag emote. Where you knock the other person down and t-bag em in the face. would be awesome.
Sinnatora 15 June 2013 03:56
What!? unbelievable
saphiLC - Member - 15 June 2013 04:15
mmm those are in game... why u even....
Madd1 - Member - 15 June 2013 08:40
Pay for... free emotes?.... am I missing something?
TheFULLM3TAL 15 June 2013 22:25
Um why are you doing this is not very smart...
MiniMikeh - Member - 16 June 2013 00:29
Woulda been nicer if you put in another class bedroom

Ya know something we actually want to give you our money for and not free emotes