After many tests, much thoughts and in order to make sure that we provide an optimal content, we decided to take an additional week of development on the Haven World update. They will therefore be deployed on June 25. We use this opportunity to reveal new information about the feature.


Why postponing?

Our forums and internal discussions, as well as the internal playtest, raised concerns on some of the main aspects of the Haven Worlds (accessibility, tollbooths, interface, feedback…).

Since our intention is to offer quality content that matches your expectations, we decided to take one more week to improve a few gameplay details.



Despite what was formerly announced, we will not implement Tollbooths in the Haven Worlds. We noted that imposing a fixed toll value wasn’t adapted to the various economies of each server.

We decided to adopt a more malleable and craft oriented system: Doors that can be crafted by Handymen, allowing you to close the access to precise sections of your Haven Worlds.

We’re trying to get this ready for June 25. It might of course evolve in the future with further rights, like doors only allowing passage to members of a guilds alliance.


Many of you shared your concerns about seeing your Haven World used and reaped by external players. We will implement a building allowing your guild to receive 5 to 10% of the Kamas and drops earned on the monsters killed in your Haven World. These items will be stored in a chest found in this building, while the Kamas will be directly sent to your guild bank. The goal is to reward Haven Worlds open to external players.

Prims (July update)

Again based on a common concern we saw, we will offer the ability to lock the GvG feature. By default, Haven Worlds will not have a Prims. However, if the guild attacks another Prims, or builds a GvG building, its Prims will then appear and become attackable.


We will keep the ascending system. We looked into other options but they required too much development time. The auctions will begin on Wednesday, June 26, at 7 PM Server Time and will last for a week. We first wanted to begin them on Friday, but this would have limited our ability to react, should anything go wrong.

15 Haven World will begin their auction each week. Once the 60 initial ones are sold, we would like to implement 8 new ones with each update (2 auctions per week).

Guilds will first have to reach level 3 to participate: it will take them 6h30 (waiting time for the purchase of all these levels). Note also that a guild with a level 20 in Crafting will receive 9000 Guild points, and 6000 for a level 20 in Combat.

For the most curious ones, we wanted to share something more concrete: the price and construction time of all buildings as well as the guild bonuses. The complete documents can be downloaded here.

This should allow you to start planning your Haven World and your guild!

Thank you all for your support and see you on June 25!
The WAKFU Team
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Axxort - Member - 12 June 2013 18:12
Is this right? Guild Hall- Level 1 cost 500.000 Kamas? AND 500.000 Resources? O.o
Guild Hall - Level 2 15 mio Kamas.
Shaleigh1 - Member - 12 June 2013 18:12
That is indeed totally crazy. How are small guilds supposed to build even the simplest structures?

When I ask around most players don't own more than a few tenthousands of kamas...
Rich players can accumulate 1,2,3 millions, sure. But compared to the prices there that is stil nothing...

Also what exactly does 500.000 ressources mean?
saphiLC - Member - 12 June 2013 18:12
what i still dont get is why ankama wasted months of development in something nobody asked for (the whole haven world concept, not just these "fixes")... and there are still tons of bugs in the game :\

plus they are going to fail horribly like trool fair did...
Rimali - Member (+) - 12 June 2013 18:12
Troyle|2013-06-12 17:03:22Again based on a common concern we saw, we will offer the ability to lock the GvG feature. By default, Haven Worlds will not have a Prims. However, if the guild attacks another Prims, or builds a GvG building, its Prims will then appear and become attackable.
So a single ill-natured player (maybe there was some dispute or he quits the guild) can ruin the playing experience of a peaceful group of players by simply attacking a foreign prims?
JARTFFVIII 12 June 2013 18:12
Tons of kamas and resources for a really little amount of resources, a bad planting ratio and a worst growing time.

No really reason to have a Haven World if this is the final planning.

Will i mine some saphire in my hven world knowing that there will be 2-4 mines with double growing time?

Will i go mining them outside the Haven World?

I think the answer is easy to find out. I hope u change some aspects and make Haven Worlds attractive.

Not more attractive, coz there is not attractive in what it's coming like.
MoonBears101 12 June 2013 18:13
Those prices look crazy. I guess they're alright for a big guild, but I really don't see how small guilds will handle this, could literally take years. :c

Maybe adjust the prices according to the amount of people in the guild?
Shaleigh1 - Member - 12 June 2013 18:13
@Saphi: Actually I think everyone was asking for these. There is no endgame goal right now whatsoever. Just repeating the same actions over and over again for the sake of repeating them.

Haven Worlds and GvG will add actual purpose. So this is by far the most important update the game has ever seen imo.
Ricesoup 12 June 2013 18:13
why are the french buildings cheaper?
ArrienuhS 12 June 2013 18:13
50.000.000 KAMAS O_O

You're trully thinking in small guilds?
Im scared.
#[Troyle] 12 June 2013 18:13
Yes, looks like some prices are wrong on the sheet I gave you.

I'll update it shortly.