Discover the new content that will be implemented with the update of April 16!

Today, we reveal the first part of the new content that will arrive on the game on April 16.

The second part describing additional improvements and bug fixes will be communicated in the coming days.


New adventure Island: Chillberg Island

You already met Styffen Chillberg who introduced you to “his” island. And you’ll soon get the chance to step on this mysterious Chillberg Island and discover what became of Frigost since the Dofus Era… Only a few days left!

Until then, don’t hesitate to read or reread the devblogs and videos talking about this new island:  

Additionally to the main quest on the island, for which you will have to explore every corner of the frozen lands, a new dungeon will open every week.

These dungeons host unknown and dangerous creatures, all answering to the Utmost Evil… Who are these villains? Where does this island come from? Who’s waiting on top of the Harebourg Tower? No one knows… Yet…

Get ready to learn more, be surprised, and discover this new adventure island in game!

Level cap reaches 120

With Chillberg Island we decided to increase the level cap of your characters to 120!

Progression will work exactly the same way as for other levels, which means that you’ll get to improve your character a bit more!

Spells will still have a level cap of 100, and you will get 5 abilities points and 5 specialty points per level.
These 10 additional levels should help you gather the amazing rewards waiting for you, such as complete sets of level 129!

Class revamp – part 2

Here it is: the second part of our class revamps! Contrary to what was announced, we weren’t able to complete all the revamps for this update. Some of them turned out to require more development time than anticipated. Here are the classes that will have their revamp in this update:
  • Sadida
  • Ecaflip

You can already read the devblog listing the main changes brought to these two classes.

For the occasion, we will also give a Respec to all characters, even other classes.

More revamps will be implemented in the next update.

New Kama and Token system

We talked about it at the end of last year; we’ve been trying to find the best way to obtain Kamas in the game.

Our first goal is to improve your accessibility to the game economy, offer a short-term reward to everyone in order to help the feeling of progression and reward after each fight, but also improve granularity of the economy. Currently there are too few variations in the cost of items sold by the players: Thistles or Piwi capes (and many more important items) are sold for 1 Kama despite a very different value.

That’s why you will now receive Kamas at the end of your fights and when completing quests.

All the explanation can be found in the devblog written by Azael, here.

To summarize:
  • Each monster you defeat will reward you with Kamas, depending on its level (we made sure however that high level characters cannot “farm” low level monsters). Note that only the living members of the group will receive Kamas. Contrary to what was first announed, there will not be any Kama "bonuses",
  • The Kamas recipes will be modified in order to provide more Kamas,
  • The existing Kamas will be multiplied by 30 (chests, inventories, display windows, nation treasuries, etc.),
  • The Token system will no longer exist. You will no longer receive tokens. The challenge machines will stay in game for you to use your remaining Bronze Tokens, but Dungeon machines will be removed. Note that your tokens will not be replaced with Kamas directly (contrary to what was communicated earlier). They will remain in your inventory until we fix a fair exchange rate, that should be implemented in the following update.
  • Achievement rewards will no longer be tokens. Quests will offer Kamas and achievements will only be used to measure the progression of the character in the game,
  • Troll Fair attractions will cost Kamas (5 to 15 Kamas) instead of Bronze Tokens.

Smithmagic revamp

Smithmagic has been around for some time already, and we always said that the first version was only an introduction to a much more complete feature… The time has come!
And as you will see, there are many changes with this new version.
To summarize:
  • Wider range of items that can receive runes: all capes and breastplates from level 0 to 49, all equipment from level 51 to 99 (except rings, amulets, shoulders and belts) and all equipment over level 100. Pets, Makabras and Insignias will not have any rune slots,
  • Runes can now be created with powder that can be obtained by destroying equipment in the Rune Recyclers. The rarer the item destroyed, the more powder you will get, and of a better quality.
  • Rune Recyclers are now be located on the trade bridges of each Nation next to the Marketplaces, and be usable by everyone. We will also add a consumable in the Boutique allowing you to destroy equipment without using the Recycler.
  • All runes will become “generic”. Their bonus and strength will depend on the quality and decided when the rune is slotted in the item,
  • The rune will have to be of a higher level than the item in order to be slotted,
  • It will be possible to merge 2 identical runes in order to improve their level and rarity,
  • In order to remove the last rune slotted you will have to destroy it as well as a second item identical to the one with the rune. You can perform this action in the Recycler or with a consumable item allowing you to do so without need to destroy an additional item. This item can be dropped by monsters or purchased in the Boutique,
  • A profession box will be added for your runes. It can be crafted by Handymen.

All explanations can be found on this devblog written by Grou.

Modification of the transports

In order to simplify the system, each nation will now only have one boat in its dock, but it will drive you to all the destinations of the game.

With the new Kama system, it was necessary to rebalance the cost of the transports: they will all increase. For example, Zaaps will now cost 100 Kamas.

Drago-Express however will stay free!

Captains’ treasures

In this update, you will also discover a new type of treasure hunt in the World of Twelve!
With your Single-Use Shovels, travel to the last areas of the 4 Nations in search of the Privateers.
With a bit of luck you may find a scroll with a riddle indicating the location of a hidden treasure! If you’re not too much of a Iop, you may be able to dig something of worth there…

The harder the riddle, the better the equipment you’ll find in these chests! Note that you can only obtain them once per account.

Capt’n Chafer tells you more in this devblog!

New Gazette

Novelties will be under the spotlights: Chillberg Island, changes to the trasnports, Smithmagic, etc!

Don’t forget that a part of the Gazette is now here just for you! Have a small announcement to share? A slogan or false advertising for us? Send your ideas to your Community Manager, we will retain the funniest for publication in the next gazette!