Eggs, wodents, chocolate snappers: it’s Fleaster!

Spring is coming, and with it Shosanne rolled up her sleeves to prepare her world known buns. Touching isn’t it? But this year, she challenges you! Discover the secrets of her candies and win amazing rewards!

Each day you’ll get two chances to win Fleaster Eggs, Choconecklaces, Chocolate Snappers, Bouquets of Cawwots, Fleaster Wodent Sets, Fleaster Wodent Stuffed Toys or Tofu Stuffed Toys!
Note that only subscribers can participate.
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[MOD]O-Respeitador - Member (+) - 01 April 2013 17:45

In this case Roku is right, even if he was a bit way to aggressive... if you want to do express your self in the forum you must do it in English (except on the "Other Language" section of course). All mods that see a topic that is not in English put it right way invisible. Then you ask: "Why? Just use google" Because there must be rules other wise the forum would be a mess with every one speaking their own language, for example would replaying in Portuguese since you can use google... would you get anything what i said that way, well no (only if you speak it), would i had something useful to the discussion? no because not every one could understand. smile

Hope you got the point. ^__^

(If you guys want to keep discussing this please do it using pms, topic is getting a bit off topic. Thanks in advance)

O Respeitador 
TheFULLM3TAL 02 April 2013 23:46
Thanks for the AWESOME EVENT biggrin