In order to make sure that our subscription offers match your expectations, and that everyone finds the option he wants, we just created a new poll about recurring subscriptions.

Following the adaptation of our payment options, due to the merge of EN and NA communities, the one month recurring subscription appeared on the International version of WAKFU.
While this was something new to International players, North Americans were used to have more recurring subscription options.

This brings us to the question: How do you feel about our recurring subscription offers?

Please take the time to answer this poll, in order to help us identify your needs, and maybe adapt our offers.

Thank you.
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wildzakk 24 March 2013 23:32
I say ankama shouldn't be to suaded for the excitement of change just because it brings new people. Remember to also think of those still playing and don't anything hugely game changing like adding a refinement system.
salinity - Member (+) - 25 March 2013 00:40
We can't even trade non-sub items to other non-sub players. To me, that is major issue. The game needs a reason to be F2P, and I see none. I am F2P and other than group leveling, the game lacks any motive to be social.
Kaylami 26 March 2013 22:20
I dont play this **** anymore hahahaha
MereBytes 27 March 2013 13:43
I don't see why this game needs recurring sub at all. The current system is fine.
dericofredy 29 March 2013 01:25
Well, I am Brazilian, I write something here translated. I love wakfu!
vai understand how this works recurring subscription, but would be nice to have that option in my country if this is good!
No-Buy 29 March 2013 01:27
I do not understand it! As well recurring subscription?
Kouromaro 29 March 2013 09:13
The purpose of recurring subscription is that:
For the players: Gain benefit for being loyal (or whatever better word) to the game, ease of payment for continuing month.

For the publisher: Gaining loyal players
(and gaining some some-people-would-call-dirty benefits from derp quitters.) The subscription's end date is less likely to discourage bored players from continuing subscribing.

With the current recurring bonus, there are very little incentive for a player to choose recurring, thus the question "why bother recurring?" is repeated over and over again in this thread.

So, to Ankama, how could you give the players an incentive to use recurring?
Simple, put yourself in the customers' shoes, try to make yourself happy.
For example:
  • A few tens of cents off repeating months, like 20 cent or so. I think as long as the rate is still a lil bit higher than 3-month subs its ok?
  • Better subscription gift for repeating months. (The pet gift box was very nice. Yay Tofu for 700 kama ages ago biggrin )
I'm not an economic major, much less a marketing one, so I would end my post here. Hope somebody find some sense in it.
Gonderi 30 March 2013 14:35
good job ankama but in my country this is not available MAURITIUS
Ylohliarg 10 July 2013 19:56
These subscription fees...
Is it better to play WoW than this game? Just a thought...
Rollcake 11 December 2013 22:14
I'm a 6-month credit card recurring subscriber but I wish to cancel my recurring subscription and subscribe manually. However there is no option to do this in my Account Management page? There is no 'stop' or 'cancel' button as said in the support FAQ - cancelling a premium subscription.

It feels like I'm locked in and the company is just taking my money without the freedom of choosing when to opt out or keep going. I don't like it.
I've sent a support ticket over a week ago and no reply since then.
Could someone help me out?