Dyes, accessories, and even a flask to transform into a Tofu! This week the Boutique offers you all you need to customize your pets.

Such a Celestial week for Tofus! After unlocking the dungeon on Tuesday, you can now apply to “Tofutint Celeste” color to your Tofu.  And those who would like to even turn into a Tofu can now do it thanks to the Feathery Flask (sold in stacks on 10) that will allow you to transform for 15 minutes (note that the appearance is lost when a combat is started).

As we know that some of you are more into Woodents than Tofus, we also prepared something for you:
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Neneko88 - Member - 15 March 2013 16:53
Thank you for adding so many pretty wodent colors, buying!happy 
LeroyoreL - Member - 15 March 2013 17:29
No customization for Moofly? sad 
kupsiee 15 March 2013 19:35
Glad to finally see some new stuff in the boutique after a loooooong dry spell, and I love my pink wodent with panties on his head... (manly wodent)
I am still hoping for colours for other pets as well though, especially Quaquack, they've been around for ages, and no love.. I'm sure that'll happen too eventually~
Multimediapanda - Member - 15 March 2013 21:06
this would be awesome….! If the ogrines I bought 2 days ago ever got delivered to my freaking account!! :@
s1uggish 15 March 2013 21:25
mind to post some colored woodents? wonder what they look like.
Neneko88 - Member - 16 March 2013 06:39
Fleaster wodent dye..I really wanted it to look better but instead they did a bad job :x you can even see some of the original blue color around the eyes..very unprofessional ankama...

Here is the acown dye, this one looks great, chocolate wodent

Onesti - Member - 16 March 2013 07:33
Did you have to make the yellow drop dye into a cash shop item?
kupsiee 16 March 2013 10:49

Seeing as the others were posted, here's the pink one for reference.
As well as the head-panties..

EDIT: Didn't notice until this morning, the new dyes for the wodent aren't tradeable, kinda annoying seeing as I bought some to sell - Fix please~
RoboTrigger - Member - 16 March 2013 14:32

Acown and Wodent Gag.
neroatsushi - Member - 16 March 2013 16:44
I think players could have dyes too,so we could feel better by having all characters different biggrin