The new subscription gifts are here! And for a few days, bonus gifts will be added to the one year subscription!

New year for WAKFU, new subscription gifts!

Throughout the last year, your characters have evolved significantly, and we decided to adapt the subscription gifts to your needs.

Beginner or experienced player, new character or level 110, all will get something out of these new gifts. See the details below.

Furthermore, from February 28 to March 8, for a one year subscription purchased, you will receive additional gifts: the Hoodfella Insignia, 3 Scrolls of Absolution and a Feathery Flask that will turn you into a Tofu! Please note: make sure that the offer is available before completing your purchase.

1 Week Subscription:
1x Deco Haven-Gem Fragment (combine 5 to get a Deco Haven-Gem), 2x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 2x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom)

1 Month Subscription:
1x Wodent Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 8x Lille Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 8x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom)

Exclusive for International and North American players: 1 Month recurring subscription
First month: 1x Wodent Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 3x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 3x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 2x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 2x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom)
Each recurring month: 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 1x Craft Haven-Gem Fragment (combine 10 to get a Craft Haven-Gem), 6x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 6x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 1x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 1x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom), 1x Kibibble

3 Months subscription:
1x Snoofle Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 1x Craft Haven-Gem, 16x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 16x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 4x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 4x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom)

6 Months subscription:
1x Moofly Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 1x Craft Haven-Gem, 1x Merchant Haven-Gem, 28x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 28x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 12x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 12x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom)

1 Year subscription:
1x Clawbot Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 1x Craft Haven-Gem, 1x Merchant Haven-Gem, 1x Garden Haven-Gem, 48x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 48x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 28x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 28x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom)

Note: Players from North America will have access to these subscription offers starting from March 1st.