To learn more about the February 26th Update, discover the new content and changes that will be implemented on this date!


Today, we reveal the new content that will arrive to the game on February 26th.


New Class: The Masqueraider!

The Masqueraider finally loses his mask!

You will be able to play the World of Twelve’s 15th class starting February 26th.

Find out what this psychotic masked class reserves for you in this devblog detailing the gameplay of these new lunatic soldiers!

The in-game Gazette, dated Flovor 760, will also say a word or two about this class!

Class Revamp (first part)

As we have announced a few weeks ago, this update will be an opportunity for a revamp of several classes:
You can view the dev blogs detailing the main changes to these classes in the list by clicking on the names of those that interest you!

For the occasion, a Respec will be offered to all players (even those who do not play these classes).

Action Points Sets Modifications

We are now continuing and ending the rebalancing of the AP sets, which had begun in the previous update with the White Crow set.

This time it is the Gobbsage, Rampart and Gobbalrog sets which will be rebalanced as follows.

Gobbsage Set:

  • Addition of the Gobbsage Cape to the set (+80 HP, +20 Lock, +3 CH, +19% Heal, +9% Resistance to all elements, +2 Water Spell Level).
  • The set increases to 5 pieces and its bonuses evolve accordingly: 2 pieces = +45 HP, +10% Water damage ; 3 pieces = +10% Water damage , +20 Dodge ; 4 pieces = 10% Water damage, +2 Block (instead of +1 AP, +5% Water damage) ; 5 pieces = +1 AP, +5% Water damage.
  • The cape can no longer be obtained from Excarnus but will be craftable (10 Royal Gobball Capes, 3 Excarnus Horns, 40 Unbreakable Threads, 80 Matted Wools, 99 Gobball Capes).

Rampart Set:

  • Addition of the Rampart Cape to the set (+112 HP, +33 Init, +24 Lock, +4 Block, +10%  Earth damage, +20% Water damage, +15% Fire resistance, +15% Air resistance, +10% Damage done from behind resistance).
  • The set increases to 5 pieces and its bonuses evolve accordingly: 2 pieces = +30 HP (instead of 60), +5%  Water damage, +5% Earth damage ; 3 pieces = +1 CH, +1 Block + 5% Earth damage (instead of 10%), +5% Water damage (instead of 10%) ; 4 pieces = +1 Block, +30 HP, +5% Water damage, +5% Earth damage (instead of +1 AP) ; 5 pieces = +1AP.
  • The cape can be obtained from whispered Cracklers.

Gobbalrog Set:

  • Addition of the Gobbalrog Cape to the set (+143 HP, + 29 Init, +26 Lock, +3 Block, + 3 CH, +1 Kit Skill, +26% Fire damage, +18% Fire resistance , +14% Earth resistance).
  • The breastplate will no longer be part of the set.
  • The cape will be craftable (20 Royal Gobball capes, 10 Cloudy capes, 4 Gobbalrog Embers, 280 Matted Wools and 80 Unbreakable Threads).

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have the complete set merged before the next update, you will be able to unmerge it after the next update, but you will receive the “new” Gobbsage/Rampart or Gobbalrog set instead, with the cape. This means that the previous piece of the set (if there was one) will be replaced by a cape if you merge the set right before the update.

Storage Improvement: Profession Bags

After improving the chests in January, we wanted to continue to improve your storage options with this novelty: The Profession Bags.

These “Profession Bags” are bags with a capacity greater than normal bags, but limited to a certain type of resource.

Two extra bag slots dedicated to the Profession Bags will be added to your inventory. You can only add Profession Bags to these, although the Profession Bags may also be placed in a classic bag slot.

The Profession Bags will have certain properties:
  • A level: the minimum level of the player or his profession allowing equipping the bag.
  • A rarity: influencing the number of slots available in the bag (6 to 30).
  • An item type: type of items that can be stored in the Profession Bag.

7 types of bags will be at your disposal: Miner Bag, Lumberjack Bag, Fisherman Bag, Farmer Bag, Trapper Bag and Herbalist Bag. This way you will be able to store resources in connection with your profession:
  • Any resource that can be harvested by the profession (Ex: Ash Wood for the "Lumberjack Bag").
  • Any component that can be manufactured by the profession (Ex: Ash Plank for the "Lumberjack Bag").

How do I get one of these precious bags? From your favorite Handyman who can make them.

You're afraid to forget this special addition? No worries, the Gazette will take care of reminding you!

Boutique & Tofukaze Tradable Items

We were not able to add all the new changes in the previous update, but it will be done this time!

On 26 February 26th, all items in the Boutique and Tofukaze rewards will be tradable! You will also be able to access the Boutique directly in-game thanks to our new Boutique interface!

Ultimate Bosses Simplified Access

To simplify the access to the Ultimate Boss, we will remove the quest system which they were affiliated to.

Now to tackle an Ultimate Boss, you can simply go knock on his door!

The restriction of 1 fight per week per character remains.

This should convince readers of the Gazette or the latest hesitant warriors to go rub against Magmog!

Simplified Almanax

Almanax quests are often considered too complicated and inaccessible. We therefore decided to react and make some changes:
  • Accessibility: We will add a Zaap before the Temple of Scriptures. In addition, the potion, Teleport of Scriptures, will now be free and will not be consumed when used. This will give you two new ways and easy access to the Temple of Scriptures.
  • Simplicity: Once the update is completed, all Almanax quests will only be “offering quests”. They will take place all in one place and will require the same type of interaction (avoiding the lengthy researches, fights, crafts or using emotes).

To earn your Almoken, you will just need to make an offering at the Temple of Scriptures which you will be able to access a lot easier.

Other important information, by completing these offering quests, you will get, in addition to the experience and an Almoken, a random bonus which will last 2 hours ... Which may be very interesting to maximize your play time!

New Character Creation Interface

The character creation interface has been redesigned to be easier to use ... All classes will be accessible with a single click so you can navigate and make your choice easier. The proof in pictures!

What About Dungeons?

Each week (or so), we will give you access to new dungeons. There will be something for all tastes and levels, and will be announced via dedicated news when the time comes. Just a little more patience is needed...

But if you want to know which dungeons are planned, the in-game Gazette will reveal them to you exclusively!

New Gazette

You guessed it right, the Gazette is being revamped and will have double the content!

Novelties will be under the spotlights, from the Masqueraiders to the Profession Bags, while going through the upcoming dungeons... You will know everything that the World of Twelve is preparing for you!

Special advertising bonus! An insert in the Gazette awaits you! Have a small announcement to share? A slogan or false advertising for us? Send your ideas to your Community Manager, and we will retain the funniest for publication in the next gazette!

Bug fixing and Improvements

Character Respec

  • Due to the many changes brought with this update, a spell and aptitude respec will be offered to all characters with the quest “Restate of Emergency”. Please note: To all characters that already have a respec quest running, if you are at the last step with the Jonk (“I’m ready to see Master Kano to redistribute my experience!”), completing the new respec quest will also complete your current one. If you want to benefit from your current quest, we invite you to visit the instance before the update tomorrow. This way, you will stay in the instance tomorrow and therefore receive 48 hours to begin a new Respec.
  • A Seal of Youth has been added in the training room. This seal will give you 25% of your max HP back.



  • Class revamp. Explanations can be found on this devblog. You will also find the complete list of changes on this document.

Eniripsa & Pandawa

  • Heals & Karchamrak: if an Eniripsa casts a heal spell on himself while being carried by the Pandawa, the Pandawa will no longer be healed as well.


  • Class revamp. Explanations can be found on this devblog. You will also find the complete list of changes on this document.


  • Class revamp: Explanations can be found on this devblog. You will also find the complete list of changes on this document.


  • Class revamp. Explanations can be found on this devblog. You will also find the complete list of changes on this document.


  • Class revamp: Explanations can be found on this devblog. You will also find the complete list of changes on this document.
  • Burning Bomb: The description was changed to “This Bomb can be left on the ground to explode, setting fire to an Iop or some other imbecile.”


  • Class revamp. Explanations can be found on this devblog. You will also find the complete list of changes on this document.


  • Microbot: At level 9, the Microbot will now have 6 charges instead of 4.


  • Double: Can no longer lock.


  • Xelor Dial: Effects of AP/Initiative stacking on the Dial can no longer be removed.

[New] Masqueraider

  • You can now play as a Masqueraider! Find all the spells listed in this devblog.


  • [New] Resistance to Heal: With the revamps, there will be more classes with healing spells. In order to limit abuses, all heals applied to a character in combat will give him a resistance to healing spells (not removable, infinite duration). The more you heal a same target, the less efficient heals become. The percentage will work as follows: ((HP given back / Max HP) / 8) * 100. This doesn’t include bonus HP with the PvP state. For example, if your target has 1150 HP of his 1700 max HP, and receives a heal of 250 HP, the state “Deep Wound” will give him 1.8% resistance to heals (((250/1700)/8)*100 = 1.8%). You will be able to read the resistance level by placing your pointer over the character. Last note: monsters are not affected by this resistance.
  • Indirect HP loss and Critical Hits: Critical Hit bonuses will now be taken into account correctly as a result of indirect HP loss (for example: random HP loss linked to the Ush card).
  • Direct Heal on Zombified Enemies: From now on, direct heals on zombified enemies will trigger the same effects as a direct HP loss. This means for example that they’ll trigger the effects of the Makabrakfire Ring or Coagulation correctly.


  • The Undieworld: The Nun will lose her resists correctly after death of the Monks.
  • The Zeppelantern: The Foggernaut in the 3rd room will be replaced by an Osamodas in order to facilitate access to the class emblem.
  • The Snaptrap: It will no longer be possible to leave the last room without killing the boss.
  • Larventura: Shin Larva will be correctly Stabilized and will no longer receive the effects of Transposition, Assault and Attraction.


  • Perception: Some monsters and bosses didn’t have the correct perception value. This has been corrected for Vampyro, Kralaboss, Hoodfella, Shin Larva, quest monsters and the monsters and boss from the Arachnoshima Dungeon.
  • Summoned Musselspin: It will now use the Fire element instead of Earth.

Ultimate Bosses

  • Removal of the Quests: In order to simplify access to the Ultimate Bosses, the quest system linked to them has been removed. If you now want to face a Ultimate Boss, you will only need to get into his lair. The restriction of 1 fight per week and per character remains.


  • Competitive quests: They quests will become solo quests. We thought they had a limited interest for groups, and decided to give them more value this way. Here are the impacted quests:
    • Bow Meownty Hunter
    • Any Given Fun Day
    • Caniball Holocaust
    • Caniball Holocaust II
    • From Mollusky Til Dawn
    • One Flew Over the Tofoone's Nest
    • The Privateer Hunter
  • Wild Quests: To limit the fact that quests would be repeatedly offered after each combat, there will now be a one hour cooldown before the same wild quest can be offered again.


  • Steam Fortress: Will now complete correctly.


  • Quests: All Almanax quests will now only be offering quests.
  • Almanax Blessing: Upon completing an Almanax quest, you will now receive a 2 hours random bonus, in addition to the usual rewards.
  • Teleport of Scriptures: Will now be free and no longer consumed on use.
  • Zaap: A Zaap has been added in front of the Temple of Scriptures.


  • Sadida Kingdom: Seeds can be correctly planted. Arachnoshimas will also appear in the ecosystem window.


  • Grains of Sand: The resource can now be harvested on Albatrocious, Calamar Island Starfish and Mussy Elliot.
  • Golden Caviar: Withdrawn from craft recipes
  • Crowned Thistle: Replaces the glistening thistle in the Marine Tartar recipe.
  • Vanilla Rice: Replaces the Black Rice in the recipes for the Welsh Rarebeak and Hot Cross Gobb.
  • Nostril Algae: Replace the Whistling Nostril Algae in the recipes for Strichy Belt, Strichy Boots and Imperial Crab Pâté.
  • Trapper:
    • The harvesting level for the monster resources “Field Plant Seed” will be properly indicated in the profession interface.
    • Mushd, Chafer, Toad and Moskito seeds can now be harvested and planted at level 20.
    • Arachnee seeds can now be harvested and planted at level 25.
    • The profession interface displays the right monster families for Calamar Island.
    • Exotic seeds can now be harvested and planted at level 45.
    • Harvesting and planting for the “Map in a Bottle” will now have to be done at level 40.
    • Harvesting and planting for the “Monk Seed” will now have to be done at level 55.
    • Seeds will correctly be harvestable by bunches of 1 to 3 for Whirlies, Stalagmotes, Cracklers, Bliblis, Chafers, Sharks, Molluskies, Monks, Monastery Rats, and Scaraleafs.


  • Workshops: All the recipes will be available in the Haven-bag workshops.


  • Schnek: Its color is now consistent between its appearance in the inventory and its appearance in game.


  • [New] Profession Bags: The "Profession Bags" have a greater capacity than regular bags, but can only carry a certain type of resource. 7 types of bags will be available: the Miner Bag, the Lumberjack Bag, the Fisherman Bag, the Farmer Bag, the Trapper Bag, and the Herbalist Bag. You’ll have the possibility to store the resources related to your profession. Handymen can make them.
  • Boutique & Tofukaz: All the Boutique items (the Scroll of Absolution excluded) and Tofukaz rewards can be exchanged.
  • The Gobbsage Set:
    • The Gobbsage Cloak was added to the set (+80 HP, +20 Dodge, +3CH, +19% heal, +9% resistance to all elements, +2 levels Water spells).
    • The set now consists in 5 items and its bonuses evolve accordingly: 2 pieces = +45 HP, +10% Water damage, 3 pieces = +10% Water damage, +20 Lock, 4 pieces = +10% Water damage, + 2 Block (instead of +1AP, +5% Water damage), 5 pieces = +1AP, +5% Water damage.
    • The cloak cannot be obtained on Excarnus anymore but can be crafted (10 Royal Gobball cloaks, 3 Excarnus Horn, 40 Unbreakable Thread, 80 Matted Wools, and 99 Gobball Capes).
  • Rampart Set:
    • The Rampart Cloak was added to the Rampart Set (+112 HP, +33 INI, +24 Lock, +4 Block, +10% Earth damage, +20% Water damage, +15% Fire resist., +15% Air resist., +10% resistance to damage from behind).
    • The set now consists of 5 items and its bonuses evolve accordingly: 2 pieces = +30 HP (instead of 60), +5% Water damage, +5% Earth damage, 3 pieces = +1 CH, +1 Block, +5% Earth damage (instead of 10%), +5% Water damage (instead of 10%), 4 pieces = +1 Block, +30 HP, +5% Water damage, +5% Earth damage (instead of +1AP), 5 pieces = +1 AP.
    • The cloak cannot be obtained from Whispered Cracklers.
  • The Gobbalrog Set:
    • The Gobbalrog Cloak was added to the set (+143 HP, +29 INI, +26 Lock, +3 Block, +3 CH, +1 Kit Skill, +26% Fire damages, +18% Fire resist., +14% Earth resist).
    • The Breastplate is no longer part of the set.
    • The cloak can be crafted (20 Royal Gobball cloaks, 10 Cloudy cloaks, 4 Gobbalrog Embers, 280 Matted Wools, and 80 Unbreakable Threads).
  • Bridge Club: In order to ease the manufacture of the Kwoac's Leg, the Club can now be obtained from the Moogrr, Striches, Puddly , and Crab families.
  • Weapons: The following weapons had no use cost in combat. They will now correctly have one:
    • Nu-Clear Cudgel
    • Free Radigger
    • Whirlwand
    • The Toxispike
    • The Supernova
    • Blood-Drenched Cards
  • Dark Hurl Insignia: Can now be placed in a chest.
  • Bum Sack, Mine Helmet, and Goldigger's Pick: Their effect descriptions have been harmonized.


  • Bill Tell: The Haven-bag statue will now have the right appearance.


  • [New] Position of the Profession Bags: 2 additional slots dedicated to profession bags will be added to the inventories. Only profession bags can be placed in them. They can also be placed on regular bag slots.
  • [New] Improvements to the UI: Following the addition of slots for profession bags, a few changes will be made:
    • The Kama meter will be slightly moved.
    • We’re improving the rendering of the icon on the Pet slot.


  • Search: It now can be found in the Jumpin' Jungle’s chest.


  • New Gazette: Brand New Gazette that changes and doubles its volume.


  • [New] Character Creation Interface Revamp: All the classes will now be available with one click to allow you to browse and choose more easily.
  • [New] “Kroz & Ogrines Boutique” Button: With the arrival of Kroz, a new button that allows accessing the Boutique will be integrated into your game interface. You’ll have the possibility to access the Boutique and the KroShop (where you can exchange Kroz earned in Krosmaster Arena for WAKFU items) directly from the game thanks to a simplified interface.
  • [New] Option to Activate/Deactivate the Weather: To optimize your in-game performances, you can now activate or deactivate the weather visual effects from you “Video” options.
  • Quest Tracking: In some cases, the interface would duplicate after a suicide. This problem has been corrected.
  • Figurine Collection: The figurine collection interface that can be opened from the Krosmaster Arena window can now be moved, as just like all other interfaces, using the shortcut CTRL + drag/drop.

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