Discover the changes that will be implemented with the next updated, deployed on December 18th.

Today we unveil the list of new features and content that will be implemented on December 18th.
The second part, listing further changes and bug fixing will be published in the next days.
Have a nice read!

New server

We start with big news… On Thursday, December 20th, a new server will open: Dathura.

This server will be open to all communities (except North America) but its official language will be French.

Those adventurous enough to try to settle on this new land will be able to play on both Remington and Dathura with the same account. Note that you will be able to play on both servers in the same time at first, but in the future this will no longer be possible (connecting to one will disconnect you from the other). No character or guild migration is planned. The goal is to offer you an opportunity to start over.

So if you feel like meeting the French, German and Spanish communities, and show them what the International players are made of, just join this new territory!

And to celebrate the opening, the first weekend will be double XP!


It’s Kwismas!

Of course it goes without saying that we’ll celebrate it with you!

We will publish information about the World of Kwismas tomorrow.

Join the event from December 18th to January 11th!

Hoodlums revamp

The Hoodlums change hood!

Additionally to their new dungeon, their aspect and gameplay have also been revamped.

Now, the 14 classes will be represented within the Hoodlums but they will each have only one build. Their spells have been modified and updated to better match the ones currently in game.

Finally, they have been rebalanced for level 60 characters. You will now find them in the various areas of the world matching this level!

4 New Dungeons

All nations: Dungeon – The Zeppelantern (level 60)
Accessible from the last area of all nations, this dungeon will offer you a long fight against the Hoodlums. Little specificity: you will have to choose from all the rooms available. Many ways will be available to you, with hidden achievements… And as some say about Hoodlums: They are Legion, they do not forgive, do not forget them, expect them.

Brakmar and Sufokia: Dungeon – Molluskies (level 60)
In Gnashville for Brakmar, and the Steamulating Shore for Sufokia, just pay a visit to the Kraloves and Darth Mussels! They’ll know how to make you feel welcome and comfortable with their tentacles and singing to your ears “In the naaaaame of Kraloooooove”. You’ll also receive a Wisdom bonus when facing them!

Sufokia: Dungeon – Sharks (level 55)
Hungry? The Shark Dungeon in Sufokia Cradle is just what you needed! If you get too close you might see some real Jaws… Even though the equipment available there should easily convince you to have a look, note that killing Sharks takes its toll… Up to you to find out what exactly…

Amakna: Dungeon - Cracklers (level 55)
Who said rocks don’t have feelings? Just a short trip to the Crackler Dungeon in Amakna's Holey Forest should make you think otherwise. Looks like Cracklers just go there to release their stress, on you. Will you dare face the Crackler boss and all the rocks he left behind?

Musical Emotes

With a bit of luck, you may loot one of the 12 musical emotes on the monsters of your nation.

There are 3 per nation, 12 in total. Always wanted to play Brakmar Bass, Sufokia Ocarina, Bonta Horn, or Amakna Trumpet?

It will soon be possible with these new emotes allowing you to build your own orchestra!

New Gazette

A fresh new Gazette will celebrate the arrival of this new content, and particularly Kwismas!

WAKFU Update: 18.12

Bug Fixing and Improvements

Double XP Weekend on all servers

To celebrate the opening of Dathura, all WAKFU servers will receive a double fight XP bonus. It will be activated on Thursday, December 20th in the morning, upon opening of the new server, and will finish on Monday, December 24th, 9am GMT.


Ecaflip & Feca
  • Die Alright & Feca Glyph: If an enemy placed on the middle cell of a Feca Glyph is hit by a CH of Die Alright, he will no longer receive the damage twice.

  • Massacuring Mark: In order to limit random effect when several Eniripsas in a same team benefited from this passive, only the Eniripsa who marked the dying monster will be able to trigger the effects of Massacuring Mark.
  • Refund Mark: To make sure its effects will not be applied several times in a row, it will no longer be applied if the Eniripsa kills the target in a single hit with this spell.
  • Transcendence: A Transcendent Eniripsa will no longer have unlimited AP and MP for one turn.

  • Merriment: The state Worn-Out will now apply at the beginning of next fighter’s turn after the state Merry was removed.


  • “Breeze” cells: Throwing a character on a “Breeze” cell will correctly lower his resists.


  • [New] The Zeppelantern: Available in all nations, this dungeon for characters level 60 will offer you to face Hoodlums.
  • [New] Dungeon Molluskies: Located in Brakmar (Gnashville) and Sufokia (Steamulating Shore), this dungeon for characters level 60 will offer you to face Kraloves and their crustacean friends.
  • [New] Shark Dungeon: Located in Sufokia (Sufokia Cradle), this dungeon for characters level 55 will offer you to face a horde of Sharks.
  • [New] Crackler Dungeon: Located in Amakna (Holey Forest), this dungeon for characters level 55 will offer you to face Cracklers.
  • Larventura: Destruction of the cocoons will have the correct sound.


  • Hoodlums: Complete revamp. Groups have been rebalanced. The 14 classes will now be represented, and their spells will match the ones currently in game. All equipment that could be acquired on Hoodlums have been replaced by new insignias and amulets dedicated to your class, and that will increase your spells level!
  • Ghouls: Their spell Ghash will no longer inflict penalty to the maximum MP, but to the current MP.

Ultimate Bosses

  • Gobbalrog: Two cells slightly higher in the field could prevent the Gobbalrog from moving correctly on the map. They have been lowered at the same level as the others.


  • Environmental quests: An icon will now appear above your character to indicate if he won, lost, or completed a step of his environmental quest.

World of Kwismas

  • World of Kwismas: From Tuesday, December 18th until January 11th, join the Kwismas celebration by visiting the Trool Fair. More information here.


  • Sadida Kingdom, Kelba, Forfut, Monk Island: Environmental quests have been added to these islands. About 4 new quests have been added per island!
  • Wild Estate: A Zaap has been added to the west of the area.


  • Class Books: Will now be tradable.
  • Hoodlum Altars: The 8 class altars that could be looted on Hoodlums will be temporarily removed. They will be implemented again in the next update, alongside the missing altars.
  • Love Mask: The effect Peace and Love will no longer allow hitting a zombified target several times in a row.
  • Dark Vlad's Wooden Sword: Since it was easy to get, it was easy to get runes out of it. Therefore, it will no longer be breakable.


  • General: The interface gathering all emotes has been made clearer and easier to use. The display icons have also been modified: they will now all have a beige background, except for “Sit” which will keep a different color.
  • Nations secret emotes: Emotes that could be acquired in hidden chests in each nation will now also be dropped by monsters of this nation.
  • [New] Musical Emotes: There will be 3 new musical emotes per nation (12 in total), they will be dropped by the monsters of this nation.


  • Figurines at the Ready!: The quest will now complete correctly, even if the opponent gives up.
  • Loot 'Em All: Chasa will now correctly answer when you will offer him figurines.
  • Darkness Knight: Will now be correctly added to your collection as a Darkness Knight, and not a Drop Knight.


  • New Gazette: A new Gazette will celebrate the Kwismas event and the arrival of the new dungeons!
Comments (64) Comment on the forum...
Frost-Byte 13 December 2012 17:30
Dirkas 13 December 2012 17:31
I dont understand why ankama wants to further divide an already small population on almost every server apart from the French server. Seriously, what we need is a server merge between a few of the low population server, not a bloody new one.

The last serveral months or so, we have been seeing a slight growth in population and a step in the right direction for wakfu in terms of more contents and such, but in my opinion this is definately the wrong way to go.

Fill the servers up before you start a new one!
#[Troyle] 13 December 2012 17:34
Just some clarification concerning the new server that you should take into consideration before making your decision. smile

As we said, the official language will be French.

What does this mean?
  • The majority of the population will be French speaking
  • Due to the above, politics will most likely be handled in French
  • Any special events will be announced and held in French
  • The French community team will be in charge of the server
  • I will open a section for this server in the English forums, but the official communication will be handled on the French forums

If you're not French speaker, I'd advise you to really take the time to ponder if you're ready to join this server.

If you wish to play in an English speaking environment, Remington stays the server to go for (and the English speaking CCM is just much nicer... Just saying...).
Dirkas 13 December 2012 17:55
Still unsure about the new server.

On the other hand though, i like how quickly the new patches and contents are being added into wakfu.

Good job on that part!
microundeas 13 December 2012 18:08
Troyle|2012-12-13 17:34:19 (and the English speaking CCM is just much nicer... Just saying...).
like a boss xD

And nice to know you are adding new dungs at lower lvls smile 
Jurambalco 13 December 2012 18:15
New lonly awaited mid level content WOHOO!

The new server is just related to the overpopulated french server, i think.
I just dont know why opening it to the other underpopulated communities and still not allowing a free option to join the international server AND a community based server.
Besides, french will be the main language? The server will be ruled by the paranoid and nationalist french staff? Good, i can say i will not be part of it.
cody5 - Member - 13 December 2012 18:26
Will astrub get any instruments?
Or will the instruments be f2p avalabile?
AngelicPorcelain - Member - 13 December 2012 19:18
Love it! wub
Hope we will have snow unsure

~ Kanade
Mikutza 13 December 2012 19:24
Yesss! finally, moving there for sure. Goodbye brasileiros!
CatFace 13 December 2012 20:32
I need that Ocarina emote.