On this day of 12.12.12, not only do we add novelties to the WAKFU Boutique, but we also offer you a significant discount!

After the darkness of the Srams, it’s now time to add some light, green light to the Boutique!

Today, we release a new bunch of items that should help you turn your Haven-Bag into a proper Sadida forest!

The items added today are:
But that’s not it! Events beyond out control have made this day the 12.12.12. And a Twelve Twelve Twelve in the World of Twelve ought to be celebrated appropriately!
Therefore, for the duration of the day, until 10:59pm GMT, all items (except equipment) will have a discount!
How much is this going to be? 12+12+12=?

That's right! 36% off all items in the Boutique (except equipment)!