WAKFU Boutique: discover the Roleplay titles!

Today we inaugurate a new section in the WAKFU Boutique: the “Roleplay titles”.
These titles do not provide any ingame bonus but help you express the personality of your character.
Each theme will have 6 roleplay titles, from Chief to Aspirant representing the “ranks” within the theme: Chief, Second, Officer, Soldier, Aspirant and a Bonus Role.
The two first themes are Pirates, and their rivals, the Navy.
Pirate titles  
Navy titles  
Titles are available on the Boutique with two options: single, allowing you to choose the one that will best fit your character, or by packs with a better price. Titles are tradable which means that roleplay guilds can have one member buy them all and share them with the other members.
A pack includes:
  • 1 Title of rank Chief
  • 1 Title of rank Second
  • 1 Title of rank Bonus Role
  • 3 Titles of rank Officer
  • 10 Titles of rank Soldier
  • 10 titles of rank Aspirant
We plan to implement new titles regularly, and if you have ideas or wishes for specific themes (clergy of a specific god, bandit gang, etc.) do not hesitate to let us know!

But that’s not it!
To welcome our new roleplay titles, we also added the following items: