Discover the first part of the changes that will be implemented with the next updated, deployed on November 27th.


"I set sail from Bonta
East to Calamar
Listening to the Wind of Change…"

Today we unveil the list of new features and content that will be implemented on November 27th.
The second part, listing further changes and bug fixing will be published in the next days.
Have a nice read!

Revamp of Calamar Island

You thought Calamar Island had no secrets for you anymore? You were mistaken!

With this update, this conquerable island will be completely revamped:
  • New exclusive look, from ground to clouds,
  • New monster family with the Exotic Creatures that will give a complete new aspect to the area,
  • 2 New humanoid family, the Nation Privateers and Chaos Pirates,
  • 1 new Dungeon (level 60-75), Dark Hurl Docks, where you will have to face the terrible ghost of Dark Hurl Captain and try to take his mythic set,
  • 1 new main quest Caustic Cove Treasure which will make you dig, and dig more,
  • 1 new pet, the Macawker (+15PP, +20 Ini, +25% dmg, +5 CF),
  • 4 new environmental quests,
  • 5 new achievements,
  • The Nation controlling the island will receive a bonus of +10 Prospecting for 1 CM wish fulfilled, an additional +13 Dodge for 2 wishes fulfilled, and +13 Dodge again (+26 Dodge total) for 3 wishes,
  • A dozen new items (including new Haven-Bag decorations!)!

For the most conservative of you, Calamar Island will still be accessible via the same means (boat) and the average level of the area will not change (55-70).

See you next week boys!


New: Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt will first be implemented on Calamar Island, and then in the rest of the world with the following updates.
You will have to get your own shovel (with a Handyman recipe of level 0, at the machine of Calamar Island, or by participating to the Gravedigger Game at the Trool Fair) in order to dig the sands of Captain Calamari and maybe find a hidden treasure!
The shovel is used the same way as resources planting: just double click on the tool and then on the ground to dig. By passing over the floor cells, these will turn green when you can attempt digging. Note that your shovel will be destroyed after this action.
May Ecaflip watch over you!

3 New Dungeons

Astrub: Shin Larva Dungeon (level 15)

This Dungeon can be found in the Astrub Sewers and will make you fight Shin Larva and its slimy offspring. Complete this journey to the darkest and most wet corners of Astrub and you may come back with one of the 4 Larvesque sets (Wet, Windy, Silty or Roasted). Or even better: the Shin Larva set (level 20) and its Imperial version (Level 40)!

Amakna: Treechnid Dungeon (level 60)

You’ll find the entrance to this dungeon in Emelka. Treechnids will be waiting for you, with their friends Arachnees… The Ancestral (level 65) and Imperial (level 85) Treechnid Sets will be waiting for you!

Bonta: Treechnid Dungeon (level 60)

What would be more appropriate than Yurbut to receive Treechnids? This dungeon will be the same as the one in Amakna except for the set pieces that can be acquired there. Collectors will be able to get the complete set by gathering the pieces of both dungeons!


Rebalancing of the Dungeon Machines

Save your tokens! The values of equipment pieces offered by the Machines will be reduced in order to make them more accessible. Here are the costs that will be applied:

Family sets:
  • Common equipment = 2 tokens,
  • Normal equipment = 3 tokens,
  • Rare equipment = 5 tokens,
  • Mythic equipment = 12 tokens.
Royal sets:
  • Normal equipment = 4 tokens,
  • Rare equipment = 9 tokens,
  • Mythic equipment = 22 tokens.

Adding smileys to all monsters

Some families already were lucky enough to have their feelings displayed in smileys during combat… But most of them just didn’t benefit from this addition.

With this update, you will now see the reactions of your opponents when using your best attacks…


New Gazette

A new Gazette will celebrate the arrival of all this new content, particularly the arrival of Calamar Island!

Bug Fixing and Improvements


  • Due to many changes applied to character classes, a spell and abilities reset will be offered to all characters with the quest “Restate of Emergency”.
  • Riddling: This passive will now work correctly and provide 60% chances to add +2 levels of Riddled per AP/MP used at max level.

  • Double or Quits: The description of this spell has been clarified.

  • Revitalizing Word: When used on a Zombified enemy, it will correctly provide Hygiene to the caster.
  • Voodoll: When a Totem is destroyed, the target will be targetable by another totem again.
  • Multiple Bramble: For more coherency, this spell has been renamed Manifold Bramble.
  • Doll Sacrifice: For more coherency, this spell has been renamed Dolly Sacrifice.
  • Karchamrak: In some cases it was possible to swap places with a carried character. This will no longer be possible.
Rogue & Pandawa
  • Roguery & Karchamrak: In order to avoid any movement issues of the Rogue in fight, he will no longer be able to cast Roguery when carried.
  • Stasis Branch: Since the spells of this branch do not benefit from any elemental mastery, their damage will no longer take Backstab or bonuses to CH attacks into account (not to be confused with CH, which will still exist for Stasis spells).
  • Aynaloxide: In order to stay coherent with area damages that don’t benefit from damage localization, those of Aynaloxide will stay the same, no matter if they’re inflicted from back, side or front.
  • Cybot: Its description has been modified in order to better fit its current mechanic. Its passive “Relay” will no longer indicate “Damage improved by X%”.

  • Line of Fire: This spell will now have a visual effect when cast.
  • Time Theft: Correcting a display bug with this spell. It will no longer be mentioned in the chat if it triggers after Rollback and this one already gave back maximum AP to the caster. Its functioning is unchanged.
  • Sinistro: It will now benefit from elemental damage bonuses and Mechanisms damages, but no longer from bonuses to summons damages.


  • PvP: In order to shorten PvP fights that were deemed too long, HP bonus is reduced from x3 to x2.5 in a next update.
  • Unbewitchment: It will now be possible to unbewitch states applied by other states (for example, the state Stunned applied by the Evil Earth Totem of Excarnus).


  • [New] Dungeon Larventura: This dungeon recommended for levels 15 will be placed in the Astrub Sewers. You will face Larvas and their boss: Shin Larva. 6 exclusive sets and 3 new achievements will be obtainable.
  • [New] Dungeon Treechnids: This dungeon recommended for levels 60 will be placed in Emelka (Amakna) or the Thicket of Yurbut (Bonta). If will be the same dungeon, however equipment will vary and complete each other. You will face Treechnids and their buddies Arachnees protecting the Ancestral Treechnid… 2 exclusive sets and 3 new achievements will be obtainable.
  • Machines: Values of the equipment pieces offered by dungeon machines will be reduced:
    • Family sets:
      • Common equipment = 2 tokens,
      • Normal equipment = 3 tokens,
      • Rare equipment = 5 tokens,
      • Mythic equipment = 12 tokens.
    • Royal sets:
      • Normal equipment = 4 tokens,
      • Rare equipment = 9 tokens,
      • Mythic equipment = 22 tokens.
  • Lunar Altar:
    • Boowolves: Over 4 fighters, they lose their AP bonus acquired until then. However they’ll receive +2% dmg per player present in the fight (up to 10%).
  • Snaptrap: The levers to access the Archmonster room will be interactive again.
  • Kab-Cave: Over 4 fighters, the AP bonus of Crobaks will be reduced from 3 to 2. However they’ll receive +2% HP per players present in the fight.


  • Smileys: All monsters will now have customized smileys in combat.
  • Infantry Whisperers: Their Armed Counter-Attack will now deal its damage correctly.
  • Strich: Its laying animation will display correctly.
  • Piwilde: For more coherency, this monster has been renamed Pink Piwi.

Ultimate Bosses

  • Excarnus:
    • All states applied by its totem will be removable correctly.
  • Black Crow: Its ground summons will no longer rebound spells.


  • [New]Experience bar: Each time you receive experience thanks to a quest, an experience bar will appear to display the amount of experience received.
  • Quest tracker: Environmental, ecosystem, and Ogrest Chaos quests will now be highlighted in the tracker with a special visual effect. This should allow players to notice them more efficiently when they trigger in the area.
  • Environmental quests: Until now, if you didn’t have the prerequisite to participate in an environmental quest of the area, you were not able to start a fight with a monster part of this quest. From now on, you will be able to do it if you didn’t trigger the quest for your character. You will be able to participate in the event of the area without being able to complete the quest. This should allow you to help players in the area to fulfill their objective.
  • Environmental quests: Those designed to be completed in solo (like “kill X monsters”) have been rebalanced to be more accessible. From now on you will no longer need to kill 20 but 8 monsters in a 15 minutes time span. Experience received is unchanged. Here is the list of quests impacted by this change:
    • The Silence of the Gobballs (Defeat 8 Gobball War Chiefs),
    • Bliblis on Tour (Defeat 8 members of the Blibli family),
    • Little Shop of Flowers (Defeat 8 members of the Plant family),
    • Scaraface (Defeat 8 members of the Scaraleaf family),
    • Ensnapment (Defeat 8 members of the Snapper family),
    • The Bellaphone Always Rings Twice(Defeat 8 Bellaphones),
    • Puddle Indemnity (Defeat 8 members of the Puddly family),
    • Starsky and Mushd (Defeat 8 members of the Mushd family),
    • Immortalbatracious (Defeat 8 Albatrocious),
    • The Army of the Dead (Defeat 8 Chafers),
    • Kokokoon (Defeat 8 Kokokos),
    • Return of the Croaker (Defeat 8 Toads),
    • Whirligig Daddy (Defeat 8 Whirligigs),
    • Axylem (Defeat 8 Treechnids),
    • Eight-Legged Geeks (Defeat 8 Arachnees),
    • Down with Kralove (Defeat 8 Kraloves),
    • The Shark Knight Rises (Defeat 8 Sharks),
    • After Mollusky They Come (Defeat 8 Molluskies).
  • Aesof Mace: In order to prevent players from having to camp the same spot for hours until Grampar's Tooth spawns, some changes have been made:
    • A special pickaxe will be necessary to harvest the tooth. It will be usable only once (same as any other consumable),
    • This pickaxe will be acquirable on Mining Whisperers,
    • The Mining Whisperers is a monster that appears at random times and positions (18 to 30 hours of respawn on the complete Shhhudoku's Kingdom),
    • Grampar’s Tooth will appear every 10 seconds.

Mount Zinit

  • Chapter 1: Foggernauts’ Stasis spells will now correctly receive the bonus to elementary damages offered by the barrels of the boat.


  • Tutorial: Some texts have been clarified in order to make it more understandable.


  • Transports:
    • To clarify the transport system between Astrub and the outposts/Nation HQs, Zaaps have been replaced by Canoons, with a free cost.


  • Cania Plains (Bonta): the trap door to access the Justice Cave has been moved a few cells higher, to better blend in the environment.


  • Insignias:
    • Jiva, Djaul and Silvosse Insignias will be acquirable at the Temple of Scriptures for Almokens.

Conquest Islands

  • General: Waiting time between two conquests of a same island will change from 1 minute to 24 hours. This change is applied to prepare the islands to the new RvR rules that will be applied with the system Revamp, to be implemented later.
  • Calamar Island: Calamar Island has been revamped! You will find all the details on this devblog. Here’s a partial list of the content to be discovered:
    • Conquest island from level 55 to 70,
    • All citizens of the Nation controlling it will receive a bonus of +10 Prospecting for 1 CM wish fulfilled, an additional +13 Dodge for a second wish fulfilled, and again +13 Dodge (+26 Dodge total) for a 3rd wish fulfilled.
    • The Clan Member of the island is Captain Calamari,
    • [New] 3 new monster families: Exotic Creatures, Chaos Pirates, Nations Privateers,
    • [New] 1 new main quest, and 4 environmental quests,
    • [New] 4 Achievements offering Haven-Bag decoration rewards,
    • [New] 2 sets and 15 dedicated items,
    • [New] The dungeon Dark Hurl Docks offering 2 sets and 8 exclusive items.
  • Wild Estate: All citizens of the Nation controlling it will receive a bonus of +10 Prospecting if the CM wish is fulfilled.


  • Popularity score: The score required to demote a Governor changes from 70 to -51.


  • Insignias:
    • Primary and Secondary colors of insignias have been changed to be more coherent with the guild emblem.


  • [New] Treasure hunt: Treasure hunt will first be implemented on Calamar Island, and then in the rest of the world with the following updates. You will have to craft your own shovel (Handyman recipe of level 0, machine of Calamar Island, or in the Gravedigger Game at the Trool Fair) in order to dig the sands of Captain Calamari and maybe find a hidden treasure! The shovel is used the same way as resources planting.


  • Shadowed Amulet: the minimal throw for this amulet will no longer be of +0% but +1% CH.
  • Xiangu's Stagger: The bonus applied will be +10% of Mechanisms damage (and not +10 Mechanisms).


  • [New] Macawker: This Pet will be obtainable on Calamar Island and will provide at max level: +15PP, +20 Ini, +25% dmg, +5CF.


  • Krosmaster will not be impremented on November 27th in game, but some first elements will be visible:
    • Chasa: This character will be in Astrub, around the tavern. He will not be interactive before the activation of the expansion.
    • Collection manager: a display case dedicated to Krosmaster figurines will be added to your Haven Bags, in the room dedicated to management machines. These display cases will also be available for crafting and in the Boutique when the expansion will be activated.
    • Recipes: Recipes linked to Krosmaster will be implemented. These will be 14 new recipes for Handymen and 5 for Bakers. Enough for all levels!
    • Krosmadex: This is the machine dedicated to Krosmaster. It will be available next to the Astrub tavern. It will allow you to get one of the 4 pets against a “Krosmaster Ball”. This token will be acquirable with Chasa, once the expansion is activated.
    • Market: A new “Krosmaster” category will be added to the “Miscellaneous” filter.
    • Games Rooms: They all have been modified to be ready to welcome their first players! Tables will also be available but not interactive before activation.


  • New Gazette: A new gazette will celebrate the revamp of Calamar Island and the implementation of 2 new dungeons!


  • Huss Emote: In order to make it easier to acquire, it will now be a reward for the new achievement “Gravity Huss” (Defeat 10 Chuck Novices in the Kanojedo in Incarnam).